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We know that the win and investing you must take risks. But the wind big you've got to reduce it mine is Andrew Stotz from ace thoughts investment research. And I'm here with featured guest Alexander Bernstein and Alexander are you ready to rock? I'm I'm ready to. to. Alexandra was born in Vienna in thousand nine hundred sixty and has lived there all of his life except for the few crashes weeks each year, he spends in Thailand, he's been married to a lovely woman since two thousand six and has three adult children since nineteen Eighty-three. Alexander has worked in the pharmaceutical industry. I you build a career in sales with Merck. Aga an Angelini he followed this with a career in marketing and over the past eighteen years, he has been in business development for Senova. Accompany of the McKesson group, Alexandra is not a professional investor, but from time to time as invested small amounts, not more than five thousand euro in pharmaceutical companies in his leisure time. He loves jogging, and hiking is also a passionate historian. All right, Alexander, take a minute and Philipson with any further tidbits about your life. The most important things you already did that my family to spend his family influence enough Tabuk. The NFL which is youthful place in the world. All right. A fan of e n I've been there twice and I couldn't disagree. I think it's a beautiful place. I saw a beautiful church down in the square. I can't remember all the details. But I just remember it was very very beautiful. Thank you. It has saints there. It is. So the next I'm in Vienna. I know who I'm taking off for a Cup of coffee. That's why the NS famous coach exactly the coffee shops. All right. Well, now, it's time to share your worst investment ever. And since no one goes into their worst investment thinking will be tell us a bit about the circumstances leading up to it. And then tell your story as you said in your into that I'm enough to invest from time to time, but only infamous you do companies because that's my profession when most of the investments into Clark male of my investments was German company. Call. That investment was about ten years ago homeward did this coming to being that the company was winning hearts company could say so it was one of them. It's wising. The biotech area noon spirit. Good stuff is so far Bill. And so I decided to invest in that company about three or four days before the Riedel's. They're lost face. Sweet resolve face lease the lost led to horrible loss Clinton new developmental of. And you work and some of this a few days before the announced that with falls and everybody expected very good results of the study are invested in two thousand years the day when the nonce through his songs or the few minutes off of my two thousand year where about two hundred you earn. The ship wash fan time or nine..

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