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Take chances Mark frost versus David Lynch. Original twin peaks, you could tell when it was a David Lynch episode because it was all the fun, and it was all the crazy stuff. And when it was time to get shit done Mark facet come in. And it'd be like, wow. They just arrested. They just arrested somebody that is solve the murder this. It's only been ten minutes at the wheel. And you could really tell when it was who doing what? And when they came together made such a good satisfying thing having them kind of side by side. But then in the newest season of twin peaks to compare it to having a new Matt graining show with the people like you and Bill and the cast of future alma everybody. I think when twin peaks three came out was really hoping it would be exactly like twin peaks one and two where it would be like the saddle shoes in life. Then the just the playing saxophone, and you know, those people probably don't really. No, David Lynch, and they really just know what they like about like apple pie and coffee and very sexy teenagers and stuff. And instead what you got was the most David Lynch thing ever, which is the last thing you would ever expect and people hated it and other people loved it. I was so excited about it. And then I didn't watch just because it seemed to get that ma- response which is dangerous to listen to responses. Just in it. Yes. And I remember when tune tweaks on and it's like Bill and be and we get together to watch it. And you just like. That far. So so it's like it's a real trick. Especially in serialized arc driven storytelling to have that balance. Just talking about like podcast this all right worlds coming together diversions that people also love, and so we're very cognizant of it. And hopefully, this is a frost Lynch production fulltime. Yeah. We're telling the story and moving art. But we allow ourselves time for those diversions, for example. There's like I think it's pursued for or we're being elbow and Lucy take the weird drug on this trip. And that was that was just like a diversion, and it started a joke in a room, and it was a finger all the writers just like jumped in and we'd love to and to one of our favorite things. And that is that was really just a diversion. But we love it. And it's it's one of my favorite moments. However, there's certain things about thinking about the show like we're talking about like arch and stuff and like I would say like ninety percent of the arcs. End the secrets are preplanned and late in. But it's over ten percent of things arise along the route. While you're traveling are present themselves as wait a minute fist may just be like a weird drug trip, but actually ties into a deeper theme going here, and we're like there's a lot of stuff like that in the show. We're like, oh my God. Like just talking last week in like, oh, my God this stuff that we didn't think was related to the totally ties in and it seems like we're geniuses for. And that's like part of the fun too. And I was like gravity falls was done that way to like along the way you look and go like, oh my God that that was just a joke. But really we can use that for cannon drive to cannon further. And that is the greatest magic trick of good writing. I feel of you know, something that's is seemingly innocuous, and of course, if it's comedy it's most likely going to be a joke in the moment. And even if you do planet, you know, in that moment like to cover it with the joke. I think you know, makes people not suspect it that. Right. More folks chokes make things down the easiest exposition just coated in a job. I don't wanna be freaking half exposition character. Right. I see somebody especially in drama. It's like the detective who works the people, but isn't a main one and suddenly appears in seats. Explain what's going on like crazy too. So it's a real trick to make sure that the the arc is moving along in an entertaining and funny way, and it's also trick where to have big jokes. And also weird to keep make sure about the characters are treating situation realistically and really feeling it. Because if you're not feeling it that it takes you out of it..

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