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The country going as far back as the nineteen seventies. Meanwhile, governor Mike dewine is now beefing up the state's team that inspects county jails, according to the Associated Press to wind side of the discrepancies reports about the cuyahoga county jail, which had eight inmate deaths and twenty eighteen the State Department of rehabilitation and corrections, twenty seventy report on that jail showed few issues other than overpopulation. But just a year later US, marshals found inhumane conditions and civil rights abuses. The wind said, adding more staff will allow inspectors to do more comprehensive reviews of the jails also wants unannounced inspections to be permitted. I'm Scott Jennings, NewsRadio six ten WTVN a Marion county grand jury today indicted convicted serial killer. Sean, great on new charges. Police say a lengthy investigation linked to cold case murder of Dana Lowry to great through DNA evidence, greatest suspected of murdering at least five women in Ashland Marian and enrich land counties. He is currently on death row. And the Columbus arts festival is set to begin today on the riverfront this year's event will feature more than one hundred fifty performances as well ranging from jazz rock rhythm, and blues, and even storytelling radio six ten WTVN sports. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is getting a name change USC and United Airlines have agreed on United Airlines field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. That'll be the name for at least the next decade tonight at Huntington park, the clippers take on the Norfolk tides. It's game. Two of their four game series tied took game one Thursday night eleven to six in the majors. The Cincinnati Reds opening weekend series with the Phillies in Philadelphia. The Cleveland Indians host the New York Yankees, over at nationwide arena, the Columbus destroyers for their first win of twenty nineteen. They'll play the city Blackjacks at seven pm more sports in twenty minutes. Eric resear-, NewsRadio six ten WTVN. I'm Alison Wyant stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half. And as news breaks partly cloudy tonight, a low of sixty four mostly cloudy tomorrow with. With a high of eighty two currently it a seventy seven degrees. Bluecross blueshield believe everyone should have access.

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