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Does a strike also like rebooting stuff to these days hashtag quickly planet Paul, I'm trying to think of other things around for forty years on, and then they canceled them forever except for high had Saturday year year came back in then was Rice's. I'm trying to think of a rebooted thing that was bony, which was a detective show about indigenous detective about and all that. I never mind what about the series Bulworth, but that just brought back original Bulworth. Well, why would you bring back? Why would you bring back in new bulls. We we're really what I think there's a lot of full knee remembered stuff. He though not prisoner. John that they bring back, they'll cancel a sale of the century, and they re the re tool. It's mostly John shows which isn't very interesting. I mean, they haven't brought back police rescue that water rats, seven brought that back that back to get the now. Hey dead. They've brought that because the dad was a sex pissed pitiful. Rollback Acropolis. Now they're all alive. So they're doing shows that the company festival Goff stage and comeback dressed as Nana. So guys do. No, I look. I think it's inevitable always at though. I don't know. I guess we don't have a culture of that. Look, they just because it's easier than coming up with a new. So it's the same cop show anyway, it doesn't matter. You saw the police squad or police time or salacious, John detective, fuck you'd grim face or whatever it is, whatever he's on the force, but he's done man on this police time. Do you heard the theme song? And it was like police time. You know what I'm talking about. This is the same shit. Yeah. Roja coarseness in half of them good on him. He does good work. Anything else. But I also think like maybe that most about dramas in action shows and stuff like that would just imported from America in and that sort of thing. So that's where the rain boots come from, like I can't like proper dramas, like I'm I tried to like maybe Reich with by Senate. Yeah, but I mean, that'll probably get rebutted in twenty years, but. Maybe I just talked industry and TV show Ray boot, and there's nothing. It's just ten Ozzy shows that deserve ray-ban give us with some examples that can bring is one of them. Acropolis net is one of them a country practice bet it is. Oh, we guy nobody cares about this. I care and therefore the listenable care at the taken forever mice. And is it taking so long? It's been via video, All Saints. No lose drama. Yeah, blue blue hill is. Yeah, Charlie Wilson was in that frontline. I should bring back front lot now they shouldn't really work now. I'm on mcleod's daughters. Another one with Celli close. So he's been told about don't talk about how to bring that back. Well, yeah, because he plays like the son of like a Kerry Packer tot year run comes to the country to be mcleod's daughter. At least to these ten? Yes. If not more. Packed to the rafters just finish not to for I rush. That's rush Colson. The one that's got Tom. Sorry. Does that have. What's the spicing it Samuel Johnson. No, yes, it does. Tragic drastic calomel Mallory. The patriots said of this podcast. Do you remember sea patrol who own their? Yeah. Yeah, that's true for reboot shackled. Safe patrol. Lose mccune was in it. That's why this summer heights high. You'll be trying to that disagree. I had it. And. I love that show. It's so. Sort of when everybody else says about it. I love it. And the last one is sick of us, which got a lot of familiar faces in particular. Claudia Cavan and Jolson. Yes, but also Joel Edgerton killing it in Hollywood. He's in Bryant. He's in bright, but he's also, but he's better directing, and he's doing a bunch of rights though. Yes. So those could come back. But why. Yeah, I think I think blue hill is like a definitely bring back because you bring back John woods and really road Arabia and a bunch of houses. But all Yanni he has to he, it's they go and he's in like, he's, he's in the city now? Yes, and he lives in an apartment and he's just haunted by all the stuff that happened when he was blue around pleasant places called sure you gotta let let it from Dylan hole. Nobody's listening mail because every everybody's glued to it, they want to know about astrology and drums..

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