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Lucky man was one thousand nine hundred seventy three and it would take a lot of years. Before david sherwin and lindsay anderson would work again together. Same thing with malcolm mcdowell and it wasn't until one thousand nine hundred eighty two that britannia hospital came out. And i have to say i was not familiar with britannia hospital at all which is kind of remarkable looking at the cast of it. When i was a kid i would go out. And i would hunt down movies because i was such a huge star wars fan. I went hunt down movies. that mark. Hamill carrie fisher and harrison. Ford were in. And i was just like oh i need this so somehow i managed to see heroes where i think henry winkler is a warm farmer i managed to see you know force ten from navarine i to see corvette. Some are but i never saw britannia hospital in mark. Hamill listen this. It's a tiny role but he's in this movie and he's highest fuck. He is high throughout almost the entire thing. What a strange jonathan. When did you first see this one. I saw again when i was in. Canada is in about two thousand and thirteen. I think the order. So yeah. I guess this last one i saw and i fell. I still feel now is probably my least favorite of the three steel. The two two of my favorite films. That's not to say that. I i dislike it in any way I think that. I take away for me when i was just graham crowd and i just think the escalation of his character the allegation of him as an actor. I think is is so wonderful. Because he's one of those actors who i guess he in the uk. I mean he was. One of those stool will british actors. That you would see in many tv shows things. But i guess.

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