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That's truly Look terrific in the chain. Thank you so much. I have not taken this off since I got it in January whenever now you were considering getting, where are you with that? Well, you know I, it's not a place where we can really go and try them on. You know I've seen some on Amazon that look okay on Amazon. But I don't WanNA buy chain on. Amazon no God. No. Yeah and I I don't know I. Don't know we'll see when your friends starts making him again. Then we'll talk then maybe I'll become a chain guy. Yes. Yeah. I mean I my friends cheer and Dana They have a jewelry company called the ten and that's where I got this beautiful baby and they're just kind of on pause right now for obvious reasons. But I hopefully, they'll be back up and running and I'll let people know. So everybody can get on the chain wagon. I love it. I love it. If Karnal from normal people hadn't done it if you hadn't done it who had Gabe della hey over at the pool and he is now a chain guy it's like all right swimming pool with a chain. It's just a it's a cool summer look. I'm in. You never had off. It's great man. God It will with that gorgeous head of hair and Ralph. Oh my God here, Matthew thank you so much I've just come from I. Appointment in. In Age is like since the well, certainly since the lockdown but I I guess it's my first doctor appointment. Since last year I say this only because I see the same doctor as Bryan Safi Gibson and Paul Tompkins. We all see the same guy and he is so hot. It's crazy like he's unbelievably handsome. I long ago when I was looking for an eye doctor, I went on twitter as like anyone in La Dr. fifty people got back to me. One of them was like my great news incredibly hot I guy called. Went right there. He's fantastic of course, everyone's masked up. He's still looks great. It's a difficult to pull off entertainment. It's the is it They're fine. They're fine. Just common type one diabetic gotta stay on the Shit. But I am good. You kind of just wanted an excuse to go see him. You are absolutely right actually Erin Brian. Paul and I thought about doing a limited run podcast about him. As a guest. But that never came to pass and. It's like you should just set up an office in the ear Wolf Building we. Do that Yeah, God. If you could see this Guy Oh lord it's he's like Bob Benson from from madman but blonde, it's how. It's too much. So here. No Mafia recently met. We've been in a bit of literary corner. And I, don't mean to say that say that we've been backed into literary corners just been like you know cozy nook. With a with a good leather chair and a lot of a lot of. Dusty old volumes full of wisdom. We Sam Lansky. Last week. This week, we have gabby done who has written. No fewer than ten thousand bucks. We're all stuck at home right now. What are you reading at the moment? what am I just went through? So Byron, lane, we had on recently and. and. He wrote the script book those inspired by his time with Carrie. Fisher. And that got me into such a Carrie Fisher hole that I relaxed postcards from the edge I. Read Post postcards from the edge I watched the documentary I I read wishful drinking. I've just been watching. Youtube tribute videos per so her her voice has been like a very comforting you know. Time. A source comfort in a time of stress cheese. What am I trying to say I've also read? Luster by Raven Lonnie, which is kind of a hot book of the moment that was excellent I'm just looking over the bookshelf to see what what else said for I read amount of CASS by. Adding that that was great. And now reading. The lies that bind and I'm forgetting the author's name, but it's it's very like This is incredibly demeaning but I some people are baby described as chick lit. It sorted into like big little lies round, which of course is that's my bread and butter, but I'm sure. It's a book club selection. for the gene club, which is. A. Society that I have joined that our friend. Thank you rene written by Emily Giffen Not Emily Griffin but emily. Giffen. Get Right. Are you reading to Rene? Are you just it's and goodling forest? It's going on start reading it. By. The Way people can join the club now, which is, is a a like a social club here in La June. Diane ridicule founded. was. That is. Most. Mosi for to serve working MOMS but has expanded into this online community and you know they got people from all over the world. Now there's programming all day every day there's meditation there's classes there's like workshops there's. You can do like a sound bath you can. You can see like Nicole buyer come on and do a fun QNA. You know there's there's such a pool variety of stuff and it is primarily women, but it's open to people of all genders. And I've been hearing a lot about the Jane Club, my friend White, just joining his loving it. It's great. It is great. What are you reading? I have a lot of competing books right now. He here's how I got the Sarah. Shade. For Book Grand. She wrote a memoir about hiking through the Grand Canyon. I. Love Her I cannot wait to tear it just arrived. I am reading an advance of jared SEXTON's new book American rural. He is a He's like a a political writer. He's great on twitter. And we've sort of gotten and other You, know we did the DM slide a couple years ago and we've been. We've been online friends He has got a new book coming out in just a few weeks That is really fascinating. His first book The man they wanted me to be is about you know toxic masculinity and his upbringing south in it's great I. Also Have Shuki Bain, which is an Irish well, maybe Scottish actually book that John Butler recommended that is on its way also on.

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