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The particulars on this burqa palooza thing this happens to be october pork month and i don't know if anybody has done anything for you about that but by golly we're gonna we're gonna have a party when we're going to get lots of pork or in a call at van and bonnie parker palooza and it's just a few days away this is tuesday will do it on friday from five to nine were we're on hunger the big top there'll be a tent in the parking lot maybe more than one don't know for sure she we've never done this before people always ask is questions about things were going to do and how many people come and what are you going to do and how much do need we'll know we've never done before it all depends on how many of you people so that's what makes it fun that's right but we're going to have a lot of pork out there thus the name porco palooza because the pork producers will be there hi grilling niamey has gone way out of their way to help us out were this this is going to be at the high be right across from deploying golf and country club the west lakes high be which is on university in west des moines and we'll be out there five denying lots of freebies for you that's right in we're going to have games and you can win prizes and you can get as certificate for port that you can take into the cursory store and buy some pork which is gonna have so much fun it's all from five to nine this friday morning at at the high v west lakes heavy on the corner of university and jordan creek parkway yeah not only time to celebrate how good the products are we'll have a lot of different pork brothers but it's also time to celebrate the people that make this.

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