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I mean if one of these avocado brothers get it together. Yup every time I blanked says Costas and they got six small. There is one high school right now. Killing perseus assault brothers like Lopez brothers. Both those guys in fine. Wong's better than other put both fire Lopez. Twins are another one where it was like. Only one could be really good at. It's mostly Robin Brooke kept inert. Then he figured it out Amazingly Zoning Guan still mind you wrote Basically the same Guy Nineteen plumlee. It's no one's gonNA brother coming Boogies brotherly played ran. Brother play also felt like maybe those guys would have made it with a man. I mean I could get up at four in the morning. The bus my house or you know what I mean Kevin. Durant still my brother. I get some shots. Early not really want to drive this Ebola. The burn outs through the Miami. I'm really now. I'm just picturing like yoke as like a bigger even fatter brother. We'd all now about needs comes over. Starts giving work? I think he's got to. He's like he's like the small one. He's like the the baby boy because their boat like his biggest Yoka gears he doesn't look like Like issue. Pm Murder His brothers. They got that look. It's a good I mean there's an all like the best possible. I'm trying to find a good picture out while the first one that pops up is Nicola brother arrested for allegedly choking woman Boy But yeah these I large human beings anti yet the ink and stuff. He's like the tallest one but he's still by. I'm sure the absolutely still like conscious daily. Oh Yeah Fuck you. I just don't see it. You talk about something meets nothing in the Oak Households. First team. Nothing give me another beer. I Okay Did you see him coaching the NBA cares game. That was called. I had a different something along those lines. Yeah Nas I saw the clip going around. I didn't see. Would he actually did it was it was just him as coach and he was Jerry. Tarquini yelling at the coaches box. Alpar yes I I can imagine he was. He was yelling a lot but it was. It was almost as good as don. Al As plano more taking it easy good weekend the strong weekend of I gotTa shut out the NBA Rpa. Of course who made it possible and let me in advance and somehow let me be close to other Allah famous after what happened in ninety seven last. Got What New Jersey back in our. I still be banned. The now they've they've made some good strides in helping you prepare your relationship. Hopefully maybe Cleveland Lake Avenue in Iverson closed-door just monitoring motto. We need a little bit more time. Just looking okay. Oh it's indie net. Cleveland the are after we open more time. Maybe some mellencamp will Would calm you boys down. We could get this group. Texas like enough of this voice in this right now as that Bloomberg twenty twenty. Heard you guys beef Michael Bloomberg. Can we count on Your Book Mel Gab? Why are you arresting out? I listen you see how bad his pants are. Some he's gotTa Tech Mac. Eleven wasn't a bedbug. Tommy Gun is just actually will lose evert. Those all died. I can't be surprised but I wouldn't be shocked right. Yeah finding out so I was named. Hoglund is certainly more shocking than that. Not a stunning stunning nine months. Nine months awaiting the HOGLUND now. I think we oakland excuse me now. That was his brother that also a second team all gone and Hoaglund a combat. Or whatever. Go My hoglund's Hoaglund. Neither of them are much worse than Benedict's cold. That's the name me. The Brits. Keep churning out. That explains this one man. Prince William of like enough my wife but I hate the name Benedict I'm out all MOCATTA quits. They've got enough. They added all this free money. We have to shape all these other principalities hands and whatnot. No thank you. I'm tough life. A lot of people out there really struggling the Duke of Wellington. Or the fuck. They do purchase of York annot she dead. So someone Tonight keep them in your thoughts and also your prayers recipes. Tom Yes recipes Boorda yes resumes bow. Yes recipes nipsy. Tmc recipes aiden. Yes rest and based Kobe recipes. Also shutout million dollars where the game somehow procuring Track for Koby before anyone else. Okay those Wassall. It was out. I didn't I haven't heard it and I didn't know who procured but yes. Yeah I don't know how you talk about scoop city. Ns got posted like real late. Saturday night maybe Friday night and it was just like all those things like I I saw. What do you mean? What does this series of words even mean just goes roads? Like that's how I got the scoop. Here's the lyrics may have all the times. I scratched out a Gillian wrote shack into making. Just the I recognize all of these words and some of them even together By themselves but I am this complete order Say a shoutout them. Helluva SCOOP GREAT. Kids will call on the bees caucus reflected lower Please also thank you No picks up until the Games are back. Which should make sense to people might not will say I still a couple of laws of games being played trae. Young's warming up. He hits over three. That's plus two fifty. But but John Collins grabs three of these rebounds qazis lights that Dave and I liked it sometimes these games. He's I tyler you know what I wanted to make fun of it. But I'm going to take it next day yells at me. I hope to excite never comes back. He just yells at me for share forgets. That's a show not doubt my mind. What do you mean we used to do every day? That doesn't sound right. I'm so busy. Championship Lebron seem on Koa got finals. Mvp Zion Snub. I it feels like the rookie sophomore game. And maybe we do another thirty minutes here. Who knows the rookie? Sophomore game deserves better than Friday that might should just be the dump contest and three point intro like if you do all those one night. I know they'd never give up a third night but academia to feel like boy we just have to the people want to. It's like Oh yeah. I won't miss this Saturday Sunday. Or Why is it? Just put it on right before the All Star game even on Sunday the rising stars. Yeah. I'm fine with it so rare that you make any first year in the play a ewbal play nine games and was also trained. Don-shik who both barely platen in the all-star game but it's like that happened so rarely as it is. Someone's in both so yeah. I don't I don't know I think it's it's interesting. I just think it. It's too much talent in that game for just be like Friday night. People aren't even really paying attention yet. And the celebrity games right before it or after it one of the maybe after it. Good bye it deserves better than paired with that like USA versus world like keep training talent. So I agree. It should like you'd have to add something to it more None of you need to be your Friday to put the same day as Lib. That's disrespectful right. We'll see you guys Thursday..

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