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That neighborhood around RFK and again like I said before what no matter! Where Stadium Is D. C. Virginia Maryland no one is paying Dan. Snyder to build a stadium. He would have to pay for it out of his own pocket. The best he can hope for is the government pays for the infrastructure or say to step under the stadium. You know the roads. The ramps things like that. Any stadium deal that's discussed as far as government entities concerned. That's as far as they go. CIDER would have to pay for it. I was on pocket, no matter what. Interesting. I but Tommy. That's something that not a lot of people you know other than the people that have listened to you a regio the I. I read a lot of this. You know over the weekend or got a lot of this from various friends. He needs to hold out. He needs to hold out for our K. City pay and for a lot. A super bowl bound in three years. You know after the stadiums built. You know he's got a hold out for a lot. That's not. That's not the the environment with him no one wants to help him with anything. Nobody does if he doesn't change the name they're gonNA. Lose corporate sponsors it's going to. He's going to feel like he's never felt it before. It's not like he's got all this leverage right now. He clears the. Leverage a couple of years ago have. A Football Stadium is not a baseball stadium..

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