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Right and everyone's great and so that's how but you know there was i was being proactive saying i love you and you won't shut up about indian summer than fucking hire me right and it was really clearly because there's man is there no money in those shows it was really about i am such a fan i just wanna be in your airspace i agree yeah i agree yeah yeah wonderful right sometimes you gotta go after if you wanna be in somebody's airspace right well that was a great question and i'm glad the finger thing worked well on a special diet for your right you for that thank you all right the last phase of business here's kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the three questions once scores tabulated it will be posted on our website along with the current standing among the top one hundred ready question number one dave nra robbery it'll dave sure absolutely questioned to carl weathers or the weather in carlsbad the weather in carlsbad last question keith that's exactly right that is correct dads are finally somebody got a correct normally try to fill in the blind like a last name no i'm looking for i'm looking for are you absurd what kind of fucking question is that and you nailed it did you take a picture just now that's good we should have a picture for the posting thank you for that sam thank you so much.

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