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If they well he could have gone to. Green bay could've gone here could have gone there teams that have been in the playoffs the last couple of years. But that doesn't mean you're still not chasing a ring and don't don't believe that you can be part of something that you think is getting better and improving and can at least have a shot at you know. We all know that only one team can win it every year and you know last season. The cardinals were six and three and everybody was looking at as obviously as a potential playoff team and perhaps who knows team that could make some noise in the postseason. If they got their season ended badly very disappointing and now the organization is trying to do. Make the move to continue improving figure out what happened last year and improve on that and so from. Jj watch them point. I'm sure that you know. Yeah it's no guarantee never is in the nfl. But i'm sure he's looking at this and saying hey. This is a team on the right path. I'm sure he likes the story that was told to him. And the way he was recruited in a sense by michael bidwell the owner and he gets very involved in these things the owner of the cardinals along with the general manager. Steve kind and with the andrei hopkins. There who i'm sure was You know a part of kind of quote the recruitment of him that he says. Hey this is a team that i can have a real impact on and help to get to that point where you are considered a possible championship contender and i would think this team went. Probably went harder after him. Then some of the other teams that have been mentioned not to say those other teams didn't want him but i'm sure the cardinals standpoint. They were trying to impress on. Jj watt the impact that he can make on this team. And i think sean how his presence can help other get other players tarazona. Maybe have some players who are on the brink on on the fence and saying hey my staying in my going to accept a little less to stay here in arizona that go out in the market that we all know is going to be a big unknown this year. I think that was that was part of the intangibles of this also. so anyway. that's my reaction to that comment that people make one of the great writers and covers sports and covers football for a long time publisher for all cardinals. Fan nation in one of the best in the business for a long time howard balls or joins us here on the sean sows ratio howard. How many players away on defense are they. Did they get a step closer with him. Well i think they definitely got a step closer. How how how many players are way. They are on defense. A lot depends on. And as i mentioned there. There's a lot of work that the cardinals have this offseason. They have corey peters. Who was a great nose. Tackle hurt his knee last year. Unrestricted free agent on radic stepped up in chandler. Jones's absence played had an amazing season. Unrestricted free agent Patrick peterson longtime corner. Not what it used to be but can still play pretty good football unrestricted free agent. So a lot depends on what happens with those guys. Are they back or not because they leave then all of a sudden that leaves you some more questions especially corner. I think corner is going to be one area that the cardinals are gonna look long and hard at weather's in free agency or the draft. They need a corner. Even if patrick peterson comes back if he doesn't then they probably need to and that though that's not going to be easily accomplished. And so like. I said a lot. A lot depends on how they deal with some of these guys that are we'll be at least are unsigned as of now. Marcus golden pretty good. Pass rusher who they acquired in trade last year loves being in the valley started. His career here went to the giants for a couple of years and then came back last year. He's been restricted Scheduled to be an unrestricted free as in. So all of those questions have to be answered before you can really look at this and say here's how far away they are. But there's no doubt. I don't think the. Jj watt helps them Shaun i've heard a lot of comments that oh man. Let's it'd be great the pair him now on the defensive line with chandler's young right here that i say hold it. They don't play on the defensive line. Chandler jones doesn't he's an outside linebacker three four yup and. Jj watt plays on the line in a three four which is what clayton houston and what of course the the cardinals play but he can help against the run which they really need help on the line and he can create some of that pressure which isn't easy to do and a three or four from a defensive linemen which can get pressure on the quarterback and helps the guys behind him and so i think all of those are the things that he can bring to this team with his ability on the field. Hey howard what are you are you. You've covered this long and interviewed players forever and watched it. Do you do subscribe and buy into a guy like j. J. watt and i do that when they walk into the building that the immediate respect and guys play on the practice field because they watched the way he works. Absolutely one hundred percent on that. And i'm sure you saw the rant Last night on one of the local tv stations. They played the rant. He had Headed into week. Seventeen about what you what you need to do is professional whether you're eleven and four or four and eleven going into the last game of the year yes that's definitely what he brings and it's an accountability and the cardinals have pretty good pretty good leadership on these on this team. A lot of the guys. I've mentioned have been that. And now you add another one to chandler jones. If patrick peterson's back larry fitzgerald is he going to play another year. I think he might be looking at it and saying. Hey you know what yeah. I put my body through it again because this team is serious about it and i wanna help the team get to the next level. And they have to re obviously a fair contract and he hasn't made a decision whether to play in other seasons. So yeah i. I don't think there's any doubt that a guy like that just at if the team doesn't have it he brings it over the team already has it. He's adds even more and sometimes from the inside when a comes from the outside and can bring that that's one of the great writers covering football that we have in the business and for a long time howard balls or jones is here on the sean south. Show do the cardinals in the fan base. Just the whole buzz about cliff. Kingsbury leash long or short howard. That's that's a real good. I think that you know there's a lot of people say all. He needs to hire an offensive coordinator. He needs to hire someone else. Well he's gonna call the plays for better or worse. That's what's that's what's going to happen. And of course when this offense was humming there it was as good as any offense in the nfl and when it did didn't it looked ugly. And that's what they have to find the the balance there and to make sure that those and it happens with all teams. It's not like every team doesn't have some even the great teams. Don't have three and outs at times. But we also saw what can happen. When you have one of the great quarterbacks in the nfl and patrick mahomes and when they don't when you're not protected in a game like he wasn't against tampa bay. What can happen and so. That's one thing the cardinals Have to do so. It's i. I always say on how you feel about it but you know the a team doesn't do well in a game on offense all of a sudden they don't look at the offensive line because most people don't have the ability to do that. They don't look here. They don't look there they just say. Oh the quarterback or the play caller. I asked why they lost. That's that's what the problem was. Well i think most of us realize it goes a lot deeper than that. And i'll tell you they were games last year. Especially in the losses were kylie. Murray was under siege. Almost as much as patrick mahomes was in the super bowl. And you can't operate a consistent offense when that's the case so they have to do some improvement on the offensive line and a lot of other things get a running game. That's better but it starts with the line and that's that's one area especially in the interior that the cardinals have to get better if that offense is going to be more consistent and take some of that heat off cliffs but the bottom line is he came in on a team that had the number one overall pick in the draft and they won five games. The first year improved the eight last year. And so obviously they have to keep ascending from that but at least for now. I don't think that he's in jeopardy. But obviously you need to. Everyone wants to see improvement including the front offices aside. Howard my final question to you is about about the quarterback now. I'm not influence in your decision. I'm just gonna you. How i felt about him coming out. I said on this show. And i said i said you had to trade. Get rid of. Josh rosen draft column. I think he. I could care less about the measurable guy wins and i think he's going to be spectacular. I believe he's a franchise quarterback. And i think in the next two or three years and we mentioned mahomes and watson and those guys that murray's names going to get mentioned in that group. He's not going to be mahomes but he's in that group. I think that they got. I think they've got a special quarterback. Am i right or wrong. I think he is special and has to be more consistently special and he has to learn how to throw in tight windows a little bit more and not get balls. Deflected of the line of scrimmage and. yeah i mean the measurable going to have an impact. I mean drew. Brees fought fought through it as his whole career but he he achieved You know tyler murray's five foot ten and so you have to figure out a way to To to avoid those you know bands part of the offensive line. Howard keeping their harleys down in a quick game two right now. That's you're absolutely one hundred percent right. And when he was when he was humming and the first nine games of the year. And you had eleven rushing touchdowns boy he made it almost impossible for teams to defend them then they started descending them better They they played better defenses. And we saw you know some of the some of those problems that occur and they and they have to improve it. We see also opposite the andre hopkins and like i said run the ball better way too. Many negative plays where they run. The ball i lose two yards and all of a sudden. You're in the whole right. To start fall starts which get you get you know. Get your team in the hall. So he he's exciting to watch. He's fun to watch. I will say this that. I wrote a story on on on the website yesterday and i said boom maybe maybe the cardinals should go all in and see if they can acquire shawn watson as much as i love tyler. Murray boy if you pull that one off then you'd really be. I think it might be impossible to do. But i just put it out there but but cuyler murray has shown all everything that you need in a guy to win. Now he just has to keep improving. And i think he is obviously crucial one for him and this team howard. You watch it down. Don't put it past this front office. They make some stupid decisions here so baby able to pull that off and listen as much as i love. Cuyler murray watson at this stage in the game is obviously an upgrade at a. If it's a possibility you gotta write about it because it could be a probability with this front office the way it goes publisher for all cardinals fan nation on the best. Nfl writers in the business and a good friend. And i always appreciate you coming on. Let's do it again soon. My man we'll see how that impact works with jj congratulations. I spent a lot of time. My son's this chef with the phoenix suns. Now so i'm out there often so a holler at you when i get out. We'll we'll grab a cold. One brother sounds good man. Thanks i appreciate. You always always good to hear from a guy who's been doing this a long long time. He thinks it's impactful a lot of people do. Jj watt sportstalk seven ninety rolls on. Sell me a beer brother. I would say a beer for sure with carbonic brewing in the crawford bach. What you should be drinking all season long. I'll take in the stroz and that includes baseball today. If you're looking for the game it is not on the radio. So here is a note for the rest of the spring. The astros are in port. Saint lucy. Today steve sparks. Robert ford are not traveling to those games because about forty five minutes up the road. Every other game will be broadcast but the games in port saint lucie against the mets. This spring are not on. Radio see will not hear that today on seven ninety. The lineup is out. though it's from evaldas. Making his first started the spring. Going up against marcus. Stroman the regulars that are in the lineup today for the stroz miles. Trolley centerfield alleged de at third base bat. Second a michael brantley is in is in left field batting third. Jason castro is the catcher in the clean spot. The rest of the guys are a bunch of non-roster guys. But if you do want to catch the game For the first time on tv this spring. Mlb network is showing the game but it is on tape delay at three o'clock this afternoon so again. No radio tape delay on tv. If you wanna catch some of the game today it is available to you. The astros are wanted one. Get in the grapefruit league season after beating the nationals. Yesterday with five runs in the ninth inning. The gay thing of note at the plate yesterday. Stephen souza pop and a home run but again those are your spring training updates every single day here on the show and they are brought to you by car. Bach brewing all season long beard. 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