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Now the house Judiciary Committee will begin the next phase with its own public hearings next week they've already received subpoenas to appear the president joked about being Cory well hosting the traditional pardoning of thanksgiving turkeys but he's complained in the past about not being involved if you have a kangaroo court changes president trump and his counsel are invited to attend in next week's hearing chairman Jerry Nadler is also expected to invite to legal experts to discuss the constitutional grounds for impeachment Laura passed a CBS news the White House suffered a defeat in court a federal judge ruled the trump administration can't block former White House counsel don McGann from complying with the congressional subpoena to testify in a one hundred twenty page opinion judge contention brown Jackson rules the former top White House lawyer must appear before the house Judiciary Committee Jackson rejected the sweeping claims of absolute immunity put forward by the trump administration in its effort to shield senior officials from congressional subpoenas the judge ruled that no one is above the law and then in particular presidents are not kings if don McGann is made to testify about how president trump ordered him to fire special counsel Robert Muller other witnesses such as former national security adviser John Bolton would lose their rationale for failing to appear in the impeachment inquiry as boldness signal he has plenty to say he's been waiting for the courts to weigh in on the weight of congressional subpoenas but judge Jackson say likely won't be the final one the White House says it will appeal her ruling CBS news White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy ousted secretary of the navy Richard Spencer speaking out about his exit from the Pentagon after defense secretary mark as per accused him of engaging in secret talks with the White House about disciplining navy seal Edward Gallagher accused of war crimes and convicted of posing with the corpse of an ISIS fighter Gallagher was fighting to keep his prize trident seal pain more from correspondent David Martin what do I stand for secretary of the navy good order and discipline of the United States Navy that's a prime tenant this in fact roads that former navy secretary Richard Spencer told CBS news that president trump's decision to intervene in the Gallagher case sends a dangerous message to the troops that you can get away with things you we have to have good order and discipline it's the backbone of what we do Spencer was fired by defense secretary mark as for for going behind his back in an attempt to work out a deal that would convince the president he didn't need to intervene sector Spencer a proposed a deal whereby the present allow the navy to hand the case he would guarantee that any Gallagher would be restored to rank allowed to retain his trident and permitted to retire according to structure the response from White House lawyers was quote nope holders will be involved Geller was demoted after he was convicted of posing for photos with the dead isis fighter president trump told reporters he stepped in to restore Gallagher's Frank and let him keep his trident in order to stand up for warriors and the decisions they have to make on the battlefield I don't think he really understands the full definition of a war fighter war fighters a profession of arms in the profession of arms has standards that they have to be held to and they hold themselves to Spencer Warren Gallagher's case was about more than just one navy seal the special operating community has been put under amazing pressure to do amazing things and they're amazing performing people but there's ramifications to happen with that and we have to build a system around it that has disciplined people look up to us and go yes they actually stick by what they say and they take the higher ground you think in this case the US has not stopped by what it said to date I think it has but and action like this the roads that Steven Martin reporting from the Pentagon a White House celebration Monday for hero dog tone emerge from the oval office tail wagging the Belgian Malinois why and its US special forces team had just been honored for taking down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in Syria last month Colin got a plaque and a metal along with some pats on the head and scratches behind the ears for a job.

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