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The podcast. It's Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, the ESPN app and siriusxm channel eighty. I'm Jason Fitz hanging out with Nicole Briscoe who is in for Sarah, we're gonna head straight to the shell Pennzoil performance line. We're Redskins corner, Josh Norman, Georgia's the boys and Girls Club of America hosting it seventy first annual national youth of the year gala tonight at the national building museum in Washington, DC, Josh Norman, walk in the blue carpet. Prior to the event where six finalists vying for the title of national youth of the year, Josh tell us what's going on tonight. Man. You know, finale, you know, all of those different parts of the country came in and gave him the best dealer and brought it to the and, and now we get the side who's the, you know, it was going to take on the issue as we would say sports. So it's a big ordeal. It really used wing it, or they knew who youth of years going to be the Ringling proud of the work they put into into this point. Now, part of the reason you have the time to do this and you're able to do this. You guys are already on a BI week. It's really early to have a buy week. How does that affect you as a player? Yeah, really is the early power we got whole thing is just, gosh. Now in this deep blown Pons of thirteen Danes after there's buys like. Think like somewhere around will you will want to catch a break and then you know, or you know, allows it, you got to play off. So it's just it's just crazy to think that we have on it. You know, football, but it same time you have to be, you know, under and welcome in the fact that she'd get you play those games. He gets to go out there and show. We can't week out why you are the best at what you do and when you do that, you know, it goes to show and hopefully we can be that team this year would showed it. We are valuable enough to to be finished. We were having the conversation just a little bit ago about Washington sort of being a team that so far maybe flying a little bit under the radar this season. Why do you think that that is? You know, we always have been. I mean, did their pro forty that was happening and you know, just what to do, what you get, even the things that we have, you know, like even when we do good, they weren't more. We do bad. Oh, we try. So it's since you, you get that man is DC though it's DC is the nation's capital. When you get all of that, you know, in one, you know the politics and everything about it all. It's just, you know, that's what happens and they when you come here you play, you try to win. That's all they're trying to win anything you do. And sometimes you follow up short is just situations that happen and or try to overcome one. Other than that, I don't know razor playing ball. Thanks for talking to Redskins corner, Josh Norman on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Now, almost every game. This season has had the story line of penalties, too many too. Often. People saying it's too soft. I can't have a defensive superstar on and not ask where you stand on the roughing, the passer penalties that are being called look, man. I think you know, we all starting to sound like a, you know, a screen orchestra. There we all or trying to say tone in in a way because you know they, they hear it. They, they hear the noise and always starting to get louder and louder. And for soon you're going to be a stampede because as hard to watch you really hard to watch. You see, gene, see some plays of being made and his football. It's not power. Puff football play back in school know is real thing real push star flying. She got a Doug guys got way get taken down to grow. That is the earth that you're meeting has been driven by force of a man. There's going to come in full speed, and that's just what happens. That's the object game that's being played. You guys be speeches trending for some. Play it, buy it inside that Utah. Take away the thing that makes the ball football and that has been in the third and that my friend is really is. Pretty sad..

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