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Daily for Tuesday, October twenty third twenty eighteen. I'm one of your host, Greg Miller alongside the busiest lady in the business injury, Rene. Let's good. Greg, video games other so many good ones right now, our top of the list Ghostbusters world as they battle over here in the ghost to now what you might be saying is Greg, I read on the Ghostbusters world sub read it. You were having with crashing inside of the story mode and goes tower. What I'm here to tell you. Andrea Rene is I might have solved the issue by taking auto turns down two times. One not times to that appears to be going for well, we'll be able to beat them in this story. We'll see right now. We don't know how you what are you playing. Well, I'm playing a game I can't talk about, but I've also, that's that's gosh. I wish. Definitely excited to check that out. I'm but I've also been playing destiny festival is happening, and I love some good Halloween theme stuff. Sure. And I've also been playing some assassin's creed odyssey. Have you checked your trophies? Are you going to platinum it or not? I've told you this yesterday. I'm not gonna plan, but I like to think I put the bug in your ear, you so committed already so into it, why not why I've taken three day break and I'm trying to get cleaned from it. Gonna go. Yeah, you gotta get back in there. I don't know. I think you can't give. We'll see excited. All right. News nutshells. Fantastic. That sounds fantastic. I totally that rain heard not low. Fantastic. What the hell's you say Kevin stroke might be? They know. Funny games daily each and every week, Dan variety of platforms. We run you the nerdy video game news. You need know about if.

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