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Public Policy Statement that I think touches upon the things that you're referring to. For, me that the absence of the word might. Tyke set to a different place. Exciting opportunities to compete in sport might build character or can contribute or in certain circumstances can but they presented as an absolute truth and. Again That comes from a very, very specific So often questions around that. Lots Armstrong did an awful lot of spoil and I'm not sure I'm not sure you're wise exhibited fairness and respect. And if he was an absolute truth, you would a bail to fund exceptions to. I mean, absolutely. So the next question to ask well for whom and and wear an Unin-, what kind of circumstances as well and I think that's a big. Thinking of this meaningfulness research in in Sport and Physical Education and obviously we haven't gotten very far but we haven't really addressed issues about gender class equality of opportunity oldest different intersecting identities that will have an impact on what kind of experience young people will have in sport and we should not automatically. Assume that. that. Sport will be a meaningful experience it might but it might not. Absolute. Day In office. People have their journeys and funded by in and Those questions really come to the full of a few years ago when. I was reading intrigued by the work of. Started off with a guide you Kayak Rebecca Bowen, who who writes on education from a critical perspective critical rice perspective. And that led. Me To explore some of the sources of his inspiration. From the US and some wonderful. Critical educators in. Particular Woman Gloria let's billion and. At and then that's been drawn into physical education. Colleague Confronted Free Hand Lynch's. Embracing. Critical into section work in work and then. Laura as a retail and. A. Penny wonderful. What is beginning to ask the question but when you look coppee Probably Sport is well. Kevin Hill is bringing Why we behind the curve on that? This was. The Lively An important conversations that started a long time ago. Now I get it takes the time to the new knowledge to filter into different disciplines in subject areas. But if we look at a really big questions you up around who's benefiting, who's not benefit in wise a resume in the outcome so. Uneven Nick inequitably distributed. Then, we have to also very difficult and sometimes very uncomfortable questions because. In A WITH A, we work in his research with working on in. The front line working with young people. We. The part of the problem or we trying to. Would towards a solution than probably copied And so. I think he's a very question. Why why? I thought you kinda thing to beat in reading work from from. Other countries. Seems to be..

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