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Said some things on television that were sane and trump did not like that it's like why isn't he defending me a percent calling me is stable genius and why is any tell him everybody democrats are all traders in odds well 'cause he has a shred of credibility and and and not much decency put a little bit and he feels bad about savings that are patently untrue and ridiculous so trump of course is furious with him uh he's not going to help is caused because today maharaj you from cnn reporting john kelly on whether trump has read the shift memo that is the democrats answer to newness memo about the fbi quote no no it's quite lengthy we are told it's ten pages so trump will get mad at that he's saying i didn't read a memo because it was hamby's long did you read the member no why whose temperatures well what are you shouldn't say that he should say i'm a stable genius and that i'm like a smart person okay so to be prepared so he asserted kelly who is going to bring in brace for impact according to the sources trump speaks rarely by phone with a quote unquote brain trust betting who'd sean hannity jason miller corey louis endow ski race previous is back we're gonna and rnc chairwoman ronna romney mcdonnell i mean mcdaniel he's like she says delicious i like ronald mcdonald lot bring her it okay that's good i'm gonna bring rice back in i don't know why i who kinda missile fellow i like to make fundamental jordi was which is what are used to do what he was guy okay okay.

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