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That for a very short period of time restricted can again down in order the framework outlined beal will go down to march you know what we're going to have another play out on march twenty bird on gap so just got away the other what month and a half i i already know how the solvit pam move to solve it like they solve this one hey do we have enough votes now we got kooks like rand paul and a but schweickart and go sarr who actually are trying to stand on principle and say hey we ran on cutting spending we ran on smaller government ran on balanced budget c o those nut jobs right that actually believe in what they say i think it you can disagree with olympic but i'm going to take it with a where they believe that and they vote that way and we'll just throw around a couple more billion two other people that we can get to vote for us the only reason that democrats voted for this is because we are the only agreement that you could get between the two parties right now is they both are addicted to your money and it's not even your money anymore and that's the frustrating part it's money they plan on borrowing to spend on crap that you don't care about and you don't need are we at war right now have a we wound down did we pull troops out of iraq and afghanistan we have scott we always combined were bases are we fighting north why is there a need for a ten percent increase in military spending shouldn't be going the other direction we've been increasing it because of this war that we've been fighting okay well the wars winding down how do you mean other ten percent for well guess what the i want to tell you something right now the pentagon there is no number that's too much money let me help you out there there is it where they go well no fakes can we give you some of it back that number doesn't exist in god of quadrille yet they were like we could sprinted trees why not and the same goes for democrats on the other side is there a a a public works program is zero entitlement programs that you don't think pouring billions into is a good idea of course if no such number for them so they both agree hey you let me screw the people on defense spending.

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