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I'm in this like glass case, or like snow globe or something, and I'm like in there, and I'm surrounded and protected by all these people that I love and that love me back and that want to protect me and support me and wanna see me happy. And it's like so tight like it's like so good like, I'm so happy like I could cry every single day. I feel like and you're doing took me so long to get here. And I have never felt more happy and fulfilled in my entire life than right now. And I the thought of someone coming in and like breaking it like breaking the glass, and like shattering it and like fucking it up in any way. And like you don't get to do that. And I felt that for a while. And then especially after our shows. Gramercy like what we were able to accomplish. And like the people that were there for us and surrounding us like Levin, Andrew like, our our family that are the friends would become family and are real family and all of our friends that were there. I'm like, this is so amazing. And I don't care about some fucking guy on an app that has no idea who I am has no idea what I've accomplished and wants to like make me feel less then or wants to bail on a date or like fuck you. I just don't care anymore. Like, I feel like everything is so good. And like someone doesn't get to come in. And even upset me. And like the smallest way, and this isn't to say that I'm going to stop dating if someone comes along, and they think I'm worthy as I think I am. And they don't want to disappoint me. And they want to prioritize me and do nice things. Like, I'm not against it. I'm this is not a like a fuck men thing. This is just like I am so happy to be in this place that I feel so fulfilled with every other relationship in my life. Like, you just said like I've like I've never felt more loved that sounds so cheesy. I'm like single as fuck I've never felt more loved by just everybody in my life. And I I'm really I'm happy that you feel like that. And I think that that's what I wish for everybody. I mean, you don't have to sell at the Gramercy theatre to feel like that. Right. Right. Like, you know, whether you're in a relationship or single like what I wish for anybody is to feel like everybody, our circle is just like really uplifting them and making them feel good. And like if there are people in that circle like the don't make you feel like that. Whether it's a toxic relationship with a friend or a boyfriend like the get New Year's, right? Like, I don't know. I just I'm like someone comes along. And they don't support me. I'll entertain the idea. It says it's not that. I'm just like, man. I'm so happy. And like, yeah. Everyone is so deserving of that like every woman and every person is deserving of feeling fulfilled. Not by a partner like a romantic partner, and like everyone should know they're worth and like, wait or wait for somebody. That knows that they're worth as well and treats them accordingly. I just like I like you said like who are you to make me feel like this? It's like I feel like especially on dating apps guys like open up the conversation. They hey do. You wanna come suck my dick? We're like somebody will do..

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