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The got the idea from our latest copy shop in Eureka California. What was that all town? Coffee and chocolates. You Bet. I've invited my friend Sandy Thomas of fellow coffee enthusiasts to join me in this essential. Now do you drink coffee the same way because that's got to affect taste of chocolate if you're doing some taste testing actually we do drink coffee the same way for the purpose of this tasting. We had to alter our habits just a bit. And where did you get the chocolate and word you get the coffee. Coffee is an Italian blend and an Italian Espresso. We got the chocolates locally Ed gale and Brosius in Madison Wisconsin. We will provide you with the website at the end of this episode. So is this something you've done on repetitively tasting coffee and chocolates or was this simply my idea as a cheapskate to get out of buying your Valentine's gift maybe a little of both This activity is new to me so I had to do some research and research wise. You had to taste a lot of chocolate so you took one for the team. Is What what you're saying. I took a lot for the team. Okay burying these two mouth. Watering delights is much like pairing wine with food. Now did you mix wine and chocolate custody other or just coffee and chocolates. I have had wine and chocolates but for this purpose. It's chocolates and coffee. And how did you double-blind did you blindfold yourselves or did. How did you figure out how you were GONNA tasted? We went to gail brochures chocolates and told them what we were up to and they suggested seven delightful chocolates for us to pair with our coffee so a wide variety of different kinds of chocolate to be able to mix with with your two different types of coffee and you chose the Combo of an espresso and a medium roles because those are available to most consumers across the country. And it's just the two that we chose we like so. How do you pair chocolates and coffee as I said I did did a little research so I'm just going to give you some basics? I start with your coffee smell sip. Let it sit and swish it around now like wine. You're supposed to spit it out. Did you spit your coffee out or did you continue to drink. It absolutely did not spitted pitted down so think about the feel and the taste. Then you can use descriptors like complex. well-balanced fruity acidic or sweet. But whatever you come up with this correct now for the chuckling you're going to break it off. Put a little bit in your mouth and you're gonNA do pretty much the same as you did with a coffee. So you're saying don't take gigantic hunk of chocolate. Just take a small section to see how it tastes with. Whatever coffee? You're you're you're having at the time you're not going to take a big slug of coffee. You're gonNA SIP your coffee. You're not gonNA pop a whole chocolate into your mouth. You just GonNa take a little bit. So how does it feel in your mouth. What notes are you getting in by notes? I mean what flavors are you getting as you breathe in and out and you let that chocolate said on your tongue. What about the after taste? was there an after taste did it. Linger was it better was sweet. Okay with these basic steps in mind. I've decided to use an Italian medium roast and an espresso one with Kramer one without then N.. Sandy and I will switch I. We used the medium roast. I will use Kramer and Sandy takes hers black then we switched to espresso. Only only this time me black and sandy with creamer. The chocolates are from Galen Brosius as I said before a fabulous chocolate here in Madison Madison. Wisconsin the first three chocolate said sixty five percent CACAO CACAO exactly cow is a native tree to Central L. and South America and this has been consumed by cultures for over four thousand years. Right I remember hearing about this in school. The mayans made it into uh-huh Alexa life-affirming Elixir. I think they called it. That could prolong your life. I believe it was medicinal. Yeah if you've eaten chocolate you've eaten cow. All seeds they are ground into a paste and made sweet. This is a true superfood and loaded with antioxidants accident. So when you say ground into pays Jin made sweet that's chocolate basically absolutely and that's all kinds of chocolate correct. It's the from your basic chocolate bar up to your gourmet correct. Yes okay so the first. Three chocolates were sixty five percent cow and they are Chautauqua Mushroom. A Peruvian chocolate Cinnamon Cayenne A.. Columbia chocolate and Machu Pichu Peruvian chocolate. The next two are around seventy percent cacao and they're both Ecuadorian Cognac. A sweet cream chocolate and espresso the last two chocolates had between fifty five and seventy percent ca cow. We had the sweet curry with saffron which was a Hawaiian dark chocolate and the hazelnut praline. And you WANNA start a podcast..

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