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Go to Jack in Irving. Thanks for holding Jack. Yes. Uh, I'd like your opinion on a, uh, a minivan. My, uh, my son's Odyssey has about 200,000 plus miles, and it's starting to show wear and tear. And What it Was a nice used Honza Honda. I gotta see baby just as good as anything else. In that class. It depends on the first owner, Jack, how many howled in Odyssey You can look at. I'm sorry. I didn't understand how old and Odyssey or you're gonna look at Well, let's say 13 years old. Have you found this or you guessing? No, no, no. No, I have I have. The only knowledge I have of cars is by listening to you through the years And so you know, you and I are both sunk. And so I'm probably gonna be a little bit involved in the purchase of their C And so I was just OK, Here's the first thing. People who buy Honda's tend to do more maintenance on their cars than any other car line. That's part one people that buy minivans don't tend to dog them out because they just aren't that's not what a minivan is. It's it's a family hauler. But we do have these safeguards if it's at and legitimate dealer. Okay, that has standards for their use Car department. They got to go down and check list if they don't like to use vehicle, even if it has a clean Carfax. Good dealer will get rid of it. So that's the thing. You gotta know who owned it first. Did they do the maintenance and has it ever been in a wreck? That's it. In fact, the wreck. I don't care about hail damage, but put it on a lift. If it's been in bad wreck, you can see where it's been repaired underneath. Mark my words, even if you don't anything about cars, you'll see that repair the mechanic to put on the lift. I'll show it to you. But that being said people that buy Honda's tend to do their maintenance honor people to buy minivans don't tend to turn them into dodge challengers with EMI engines in them, And so that seems to be a pretty good start for everybody. So I live over on 6 35 and Plain old Road. Do you have a They were dealership when you go looking for used cars, Jack a great used car. In fact, I wrote one guy this week and I said a nice used cars where you find it And you know, he wrote me back, he said, was nice. The name of the app. Yeah, And I said, No. It was an adjective to describe the used car. He actually thought he was going to download the nice happened. Find used cars there. Believe it. There you go. But with that You could start of my website. Go to the purchase page. Everybody on the show has their used car inventory online. Jack. Okay, There you go. Have a good weekend, buddy. Thank you. Fine, and we'll be back in just a moment on 5 70 K laugh. I'm Roosevelt May general manager of high fines. Hyundai Genesis, Plano. We are the top volume Hyundai dealer North Texas and we like it, huh? Finds is now your SUV headquarters. In fact, how fines has he updated? 2021, Santa Fe and stock and the 2021. Hyundai Palisade from the inexpensive Hyundai Kona in Tucson to the best luxury SUVs. Her fines has it all. Now, more than ever, as we have hundreds of New Hyundais and Genesis available for immediate delivery. Hyundai with America's best.

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