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Mike gallagher show you said an interview quote if they say we don't think there's enough data to do a booster then so be it. I think that would be a mistake. But now you're saying you don't think it was a mistake. You know what. I was saying that mistake. My own personal looking at this again just because i look at the data and say i would do it this way. That's the reason why we have qualified groups who together as a committee examined all the data over making decisions in the relieffactor dot com studios. Here's mike what do we need leadership right now. Don't we boy do we need me. I'm in a. I'm like like somebody in the desert searching for a glass of water. We need leaders. How how bad is it right now. Just got a text message on the my pillow text line. What do we have now. Disaster catastrophe train wreck and dumpster. Fire all rolled into one. That's where we are right now. You know how bad it is with the by administration. Reporters faced a bizarro spectacle yesterday in the white house as white house aides literally shouted down the reporters attempts to ask biden questions during an oval office meeting. It was the craziest seen there so terrified of reporters asking biden about his catastrophic presidency. They start shouting and hurting the reporters out as soon as they started asking biden questions. You gotta see this. This is unbelievable. There's a good day to watch our video stream fact. We have a whole new. Look here at team gallagher. So it's kinda cool. We like it saving figure out the backgrounds. Because i am blessed to be able to call florida my home and then go to new york as well and i got bounce back and forth between tampa bay and new york city. So we've incorporated tampa and new york.

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