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Chokecherry Markley David van camp there's got Robbins as we know the country is divided on a number of different issues I didn't realize it was a big one between what NFL fans and college football fans maybe it's not maybe it was just this guy David Marcus who writes for the federalists decided to just stroll people and take off college football fans the succeed yeah other college football fans are furious with his take the name of the piece which is college football's bad football so here we are another season is upon us another five months of blow outs turnovers part returns for touchdowns in drunken nineteen year olds has launched this unique American tradition of pretending that college students are opting into an IRA athletic activity rather than colleges filling their purses as the minor leagues of actual football as well not very good football Hey you said you had a problem with that already David he gets pretty good football a lot of times J. W. H. entertaining football okay is it is it as Crispin fasting clean as the NFL of course not because those are professionals watching Alabama crush some small school into dust is about as entertaining as a hallmark Christmas movie and frankly appeals to the same audience your chances I know this makes me come off as some elitist northeastern that is that of a big city looking down my nose at the bread and butter the country but I'm right college football is no beautiful game unsure of individual talent and mistakes and it's almost always one bigger better and died team with a sleazy coach who is good at recruiting destroying some other team or the players might actually be trying to get a degree wow wow not even true most of the time it does non conference schedule can be a little bit rocky it he said look at last night's battle causes Hoosier it a few days ago between Florida the university Miami what a barn burner college football fans will argue close game a nail biter what was with the festival of fumbles and miss tackles it was a symphony of sloppiness of poor play the fact that a hundred thousand adults will file full of booze into Michigan stadium to watch nineteen year olds play a prophetic version of a man's game for trouble us just don't watch it which is what I wanted to all things ginger Johnny bench.

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