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Then you should vote Republican. You want the government to come up with a clear plan on how to handle the virus and try to keep everyone safe. You should vote democratic. That's why I don't know if I agree with that. I think the president has a clear plan. They're doing the best. I can do it A lot of testing. No, the president. Clear plan is obviously to just, you know, let it be the virus. The virus is the virus. Maybe get her immunity. Whatever they're thinking, they're not The president isn't thinking about keeping everyone safe. She didn't even keep himself stays. The better question is, if you want bigger government, you vote for the Democrat. You want smaller government you vote Republican? Well, we're talking about. We're talking about covert. But in general the you know, the Democrats have more government bond. There's no question but They want us to. The Democrats won all the purse strings. They want you to do exactly what they tell you to do it how to do it. They want to dictate what's best for you and me on the case of cold with the Democrats are following science and following what the scientists say The Republicans don't want to do that. They followed with health insurance law, but What's the What's the science on the health care law? Let's not talk about how we were talking about cold and pat. Good health care was boring. I don't care what you say. Every people called in and said it was boring, Leslie If you looked into the big government, big government, they they want to be able to think for us. The best part about being an American is we're independent. We get to do what we want to do. We can work. We could be successful. I don't give a rat's behind that The government has responsibilities in this country, and that's just you can't avoid. You can't avoid the responsibility of government. They collect taxes and pay for things that you need for infrastructure that very for people to live. I mean, it would be called is our government has been inefficient for so long. That's the truth. We call that they just worry about kids keeping the border safe roads paved and let the American people go to work to make a living. The government has to take care of things that could provide the life that we have you, kid. All you have to do is look around and see parks and roads and bridges and sores. I mean, there's no way around that that that's their job. But how we live, what we were what we do for jobs. How are careers work should be in that business at all. I don't eat it all while but what? But Cove is a good example. So the scientists are saying one thing And do you follow science? You don't follow science and other countries. There's no cases in the city forever. No, basically what he's saying is One thing one day and another another day. So we does. The covert covert is incredibly infectious and faith. Math, for instance, work. I mean, if you if everybody wore masks, the rate of infection will go down and you know this's the betterment. Some people get no symptoms at all, and some people wind up in the hospital and died the most accessible way to avoid This problem, They clearly stated it wasn't the mask. It was social distancing, and that's really where we should be ridiculous. The fact In fact, that's what he said. Wait. That's one of the reasons why things are so if you look at the NHL I had a pretty much put themselves in quarantine. There were no fans, and they stayed amongst themselves. I had no problems with hockey. Nobody broke out with Kobe, right, and they test it every day. Famous football and football. They're testing every single person they test every single person everyday right now how many games were cancelled this week? Right, Wolf. Somehow it's gone in. It's been good right up until now, but the same concern for the president. Everything was good until this week when he when they have that Rose Garden. I mean that that that event at the Rose Garden worry worry, you know was was Nominating Amy Conan Barrett. I mean, that's embarrassing. There's all these people with no face, mask, hugging and kissing, and and they're all they're all getting cold. But now, I mean, that's what the scientists are warning about. I mean, they were they? They found out where the Kobe started. How they got it. How about it? They know nobody knows for sure. But it sure looks like that that that party in the Rose Garden was word started. There's seven. You know, eight or nine people have already tested positive from there. They're doing the contact tracing saws of this moment. They have me when that once they finally give us a direct, positive hit, then we have an idea where it came from. We just don't know. I mean, President been a lot of stuff around the country round. Warning. You know, obviously there speculating because no one knows for sure, but it sure looks like it was that I mean, loosen Pat. We can go back to this as many times as you like. But the Democrats are following the scientists and following the science and the Republicans were willing to do that, and that's just the bottom line. Michigan Congress, Persons on tape making the statement. I'm wearing a mask so I can make the social I could make everybody believe what I'm doing, But I'm only doing this to garner votes. All right. Well, how it became a political issue. I have no idea. How does wearing a a mask you know, become political. It makes it all is I'll tell you this when you go into a casino. And you could smoke without a mask on You and I can't. There's something wrong now I know we opened up Nevada this week. 250. We could go to church right? Things were getting better. That you're trying to bring some of the businesses back to question the Faras. The economy is concerned. I think it's more about jobs, you know, sooner related. The country can't just keep giving money to people. We've got to get back to work, right? Well, A lot of people grew that. Hey, we got a caller we got will on ly, What are you doing? Gentlemen, doing fine can hear me, OK? Yeah, we can hear you. No, I don't want a speakerphone. Always liketo. Ask people so that you know there comes with Tony. Well, gentlemen, there, there's an old term called. There's a lot. They're unpacked as you're just covering a lot of different directions, but Number one. I thought we're going to talk about the reconstruction of America because no one else is doing that. They're just arguing all these points, right? Well well and will It's really hard with the divisiveness. I mean, everyone sees things so completely different. I mean, you sure you've talked to Republicans and Democrats that they have a totally different narrative? It's really hard. I try all the time. I try to bridge the gap with a lot of people, but but but the way they see it, it's so different because of the spin on the various networks and the various You know, programs that that they want you now do you need to stop right there? Okay. You're absolutely correct. Everything you said right now is undeniable. You cannot have the discussion..

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