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Additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, not an Pacific. Andy Reid was saying this yesterday coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He was saying on Tom Brady, he goes look at I look at the film, and like the age thing hasn't hit him. And so there are things that happen. And we know everybody ages baseball had a steroid problem. So thirty-seven-year-old. Guys got way better. I don't suspect. Tom Brady's doing that stuff. But people are looking at film and saying it's hard to see the decline. It is interesting to point out that with no deep threat and a tight end in gronk who will be a hall of Famer that was a shell of himself and with Julian element missing September. Now, I just want you to think about this. No deep threat. No longer a dominating force at tight end their best running backs a rookie. The offensive line was getting remember they draft pick got her. They had to go get a right tackle put him at left an element miss September. Tom Brady twenty nine touchdowns. Eleven pick sixty six percent completion percentage forty three hundred yards that had been Cam Newton's best here by mile working with the least he's ever had. So just remember that the other thing that's important. Remember is I think a lot of people feel New England is old grandkids. And Tom Brady is one will not be a patriot next year. It's a very good tight end class in the NFL draft gronk won't be a patriot. But you're forgetting that New England's core is mostly really young Stefan. Gilmore is twenty eight Trey flowers is twenty-five Sony. Michelle is twenty three James White's twenty-six Trent Brown the left. Tackles twenty-five, Stephen Gus Caskey's their kicker, he'll play forever. A shack Mason's their best offensive lineman twenty-five and John Bentley a rookies twenty two won the starting job last year as a rookie at linebacker and got hurt. And that's something. Interesting here to rookies popped for them in camp is Ahah win a first rounder and Joon Bentley a fifth rounder. They also had Duke Dawson and Braxton various they all got hurt. So they have four young players to John Bentley Isaiah win. They think are going to be stars and play this year. One starting roles didn't play. They also have twelve draft picks. So they'll actually become one of the middle to younger teams in the league next year as gronk term expires. So don't forget this number one Brady had very good numbers considering element didn't plan September grams pretty much a shot fighter. And no Dietrich. They still had very solid offensive numbers. They are. Twelve draft picks. And actually you could count it as sixteen because four draft picks last year, they were planning to play major minute to in fact, look like stars in camp had one starting roles. So there is this idea. Don't forget the NFL is a year to year proposition, the three teams I'll guarantee you that are be good next year. Gonna be good Kansas City New England and the colts everybody else year to year proposition. Generally, I lean to the Steelers, but we thought Baltimore was that. And they wrote it for about three years straight until this year with Jackson. Nobody takes the Texan seriously. They imploded in the playoffs. We liked the chargers, but they just melted down. And they plan a top division. We don't know what we're getting with grooten Sam darnold. Adam gates could be interesting, but it's a dysfunctional organization. So you know, what Andy Reid says is I'm looking at tape. I don't see the decline, and what I think a lot of people misunderstand New England has a chance to be very young next year outside of Brady, and he's not showing huge decline. It is a very good draft for the two things. New England needs tight end and a wide receiver and it's a deep draft not a ton of stars deep draft with both. They've got six picks in the first three rounds twelve overall. And I think a lot of people are forgetting four draft picks last year got hurt didn't play too had earned starting roles got hurt. So this is this is really going to sustain this thing. Bella check still the best coach in the league. It is still arguably the best home field advantage in. The AFC and Brady's Brady. One more heard the herd. Streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like over..

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