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What are you going to Email from Brian g well, the lions ever make a Super Bowl in our lifetime doubt it well again one hundred and fifty years old I gave a to maybe. But. I don't know what to say to that. I've been I've been a part of all this since nineteen fifty seven and nine. Just terrible. They just got to get quality people to run this organization and. They haven't really done that yet. Now, you gotta give Quinn. A little more chance you got to give him at least another year. So and you're going to have to give probably two more years because you've got the coaches rookie. Get him in the three years. I don't think the judge by next year. Let's go completely down the tubes. But the third year they've been show some progress or they both maybe gone, and they're they're at the hip. They're gonna leave together. The cases. Ruled the line eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five. You can Email Cameron sports talk at Yahoo dot com. Open line for both hours till you wanna talk to Super Bowl. You can be very interesting game. The key for Brady in my opinion is your good. He's going to have to be upright. Not identities any questions it has been upright so far in the playoffs. Can't let pass rushes get to them. And. You know, he hasn't had a real good year this year Brady they talking about sue they talked. They talked about Stanford. But Brady's tenant rough year. One of the worst of his career. Yet they came back to win. And that's a key winning. That's why pick him just because of the experience of the coaches, and I think the coach. The Rams vs. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. But he doesn't have the experience. There's nobody to prepares like ballot. Check nobody ever prepares ballot. Check. So he knows every little thing that's going on. And I think that'll be the difference in the game. Would that surprise me at the Rams one? No, I don't think Soule have much of an impact you have no year. He did a little bit better in the playoffs. Donald sur main man supposed to be the run defender what he had forty six tackles all year. That's a joke. That's a joke. Forty six forty attacks all season. That's a joke. Yes. Played better the playoffs. But he wants to be a billionaire. That's what he says he wants you billiards. Give me a show eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five that's eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five. You can Email Cameron sports talk radio dot com. Don't forget a week from nine plane makes a return appearance. No guests for Nick said, they both shows five to seven when he got an Email from Chuck and Belleville the Super Bowl is brought to you by the brain fart brothers, aka the saints and chiefs and any idea who will sign Harper Machado. Well, I think I think Michelle I got no clue on the book that seem age, and he's trying to price them out is what he is teams stupid enough to give the money pay. Go ahead. That doesn't help. I as far as. I don't feel Delfi as really making a push at both of them. If I would Philly, I would concentrate Machado number one. Harper doesn't wanna play there? He's a west coast guy, wife and everything that live in Vegas. They won't be another thing. San Diego's making a push for that'll be interesting. But. But. The reason why he wouldn't pull till yes. You'd help the offense to forty last year, and he's a bad teammate and the rebuilding. You wanna get the guy like, Dan? And when you're rebuilding ruined the clubhouse. I don't know. Tell zehr, but the province Philadelphia's this thirtieth last year. In. Offense. They really screwed up down the stretch. Only one twelve of the last forty games. Their offense was bad. They need help on the offense defense the worst in the league. Run-saving very fuse run saved. And I think in the major leagues and now they're getting Bryce Harper. Who is rated on a scale with cast Janos is a right fielder. He's going to help you. No. He's that. Even if even the Philly owner says, well, we're going to spend a lot of money with maybe stupid. Yes, you are stupid going by what you're going by. I think you're going to see him still the last minute trying to get a deal with the dodgers. Maybe if San Diego's really trying to push for him. They're not gonna win. Had a pretty good year last year. That could be a place. We would go that's on the west coast. He lives in Vegas, and he wants to be on the west coast wants to go with the limelight. He'll pick LA. I mean. Let's see if the dodgers going to spend that money to get him. Now, the cubs definitely asked her. Both of them. Don't know that he wants to go with the cubs Machado on the other hand could. Because when shadows friends with her heartbreak Harper's friends with the third basement bright, they both live in Vegas. He's trying to get him to go to the cubs. So. Kinda pretty quick screenings coming up. It's got to happen. Pretty quick. Let's hope the weather's like this for opening talk the wings trae now who are they going to treat. That's the thing. The wings. I think you're gonna try to treat green, although the record with Grena lineup is outstanding and without grief. Now, they want three zero. And the Red Wings. But I think they would like to still try to get something anything for grandma and criminals had a good year this year. I might add. He saved a potential tying goal last night with a good defensive play. He's played better. This should he has left three or four years. Well, there some interest out there. We'll see where that carries them. I think you're going to try to see him trade Nyquist Nyquist a pretty good year. He scored the winning goal. He's a he's had a pretty good year. He's a guy that should be scored thirty goals here, and he's not doing it. But he's hustling played better defensive neighbor has here. He's passing the buck. The last couple of years better than he ever has too. But the rebuilding so they needed a piece their defense would especially maybe. So we'll see where that comes on the. The other defense when they got from Philadelphia last year, they may try to trade him daily. He's on the block Howard. And let me tell you something. Rene was just great last night grit. Shut up with thirty five saves shut up plan tastic fan. Fantastic. But he's not. I don't think you're number one Beckham solid backup. I don't think anybody did. Grand Rapids, ready. Take an alternate. Your next year. A right. Yeah. They need another year. So if they trade the trade Howard, they may want to get a veteran backup for a year. Anyway, is one of the pieces they get in return. You said a heck of a year this year. Let's go back to the phones we go to. Curtain frazier. Kurt. Hey, Ron it's over fifty degrees by my house today. Maybe the tiger should start the season in February. No, don't go there fella. But you're right. Fifty four today. The last time I heard. It's warmer now than it will be when they take the field opening home game. But anyway. We've already gone down that road before with the schedule. It's always starts to early but back in the fifties. It started in the middle April. But they only played one hundred fifty four games scheduled and they ought to think about going back to that honor fifty four game schedule. We'll have I have all these playoff rounds because they didn't have. I can't you think the players going to take a cut. Absolutely not. Well, that's the problem. The like you said, you're you're talking about revenue for the owners. They gotta get there losing money on the salaries they gotta make it up sometime somehow. Well, the problem is the players that aren't very good are making millions of dollars. They blamed up the good players of the good free agents for making the price to. But the good free agents are actually worth the money. Got guys like Harper and Machado are actually worth the money guys. Like mouse, Shane green and guys like that don't deserve to make five and six million dollars a year. You know, they've been in the league that long they're never gonna guy asks hurry to forty million dollars. A you think Harper's worth that? No. He's you know, some some players are a lot better than others. A lot of money. Like, Michael Jordan was worth a lot of money done basketball. Yes. When you get in your playing, the everyday players millions of dollars that doesn't make sense to me. These guys aren't worth at. They're barely worth the minimum major league salary because a lot of these guys don't belong in the major leagues. They're only there because there's thirty teams. Bad teams. Well, I'd like to see I'd like to see the salaries a little more under control. And I really wanna see the ticket prices lowered by a dramatic margin. Well that would help. But I don't think we're going to see that. But I agree. We should be seeing that the Tigers haven't done anything to change their bullpen. I don't see any additions really on this team and their bullpen at all. And they're not ready maybe to to add to the bullpen. Addition. What are your starters? In the bullpen that was it last year. Look at. That were on the bolt. They listen to me. Listen, the guys they just started the starter. They signed his is one of those guys is going to the. Tyson Ross or Matt Moore, they're thinking Matt Moore. Okay. So you're saying Matt moral new piece one of the holdovers holdovers are any of these guys often get Norris. All right. You're saying Daniel Norris and Matt Moore could be two new pieces. That's great. Who would who would be out of the bullpen? And here's the guys that they use last year. Louis Coleman Faris John Lewis glues common with his team. Anyway, I don't think you don't like Coleman. I'd say pretty good. But he's he's slacked off at the end of the year, and and they released him anyway. So I'm not sure if he's going to see recite anywhere Lewis. We'll check out on the we'll check out on the wire now firework. He's got a good arm. I'd like to keep him there. Shane green. He's going to be coming back. Right. Oh, yeah. Lane Hardee's back blade hardy. I think so Joe Yemen has he'll be back. Right. Yeah. A bad second-half too. But he may be the back. Daniel stump. Well, he make it all the Tigers resigned. Coloma to a minor league deal. So he could be right. And then the last one would be drew Verhagen. You think he's going to be back? That's question. Mark. So those two might be gone. And and you're saying this Matt Moore Daniel north. News. Penn. All right now, that's Ron the Super Bowl is in is between Los Angeles and New England. So I pulled up the Los Angeles Dodgers, and I've got the top five players three of the dog. Of course, they go back to the Brooklyn Dodgers now run the top five RBI leaders in their history that Brooklyn L A dodgers, how you gonna do here on this one guy back to Brooklyn. You're gonna talk about Duke. Snider course, he's number one. Yeah. New Snyder's right there. You're talking about. These years are going on me. Is is Steve guard well playing on the team because three of the guys played on that same team from that Duke Snider era, Steve Garvey, Steve. Steve Garvey, number five. Good nine hundred ninety two you got number five. Is gonna get you got one in five two more players from the nineteen forty. Fifty dodgers are on that list. Carl willow. Yeah. He's number four right fielder. That was a tough one. I'll tell you that. Yeah. Thousand and fifty eight I'm very. All right. The first baseman. Oh, yeah. Natori, but. Oh my God. Hodges? He was later manager with the Mets lodges. Yup. Go Hodges, see number two and number three. You gotta go all the way back to nineteen ten to nineteen twenty six leftfielder. He hit three fifty five one year. I have no clue on that. Queen. Sack wheat Zach. We'd. Yeah. Okay. Another half Zach, right? Jackie Robinson's number eleven, you know, the Jackie Robinson had is one hundred birthday. Now, if he would have been alive you'd be one hundred years old. Well, he's not alive. So seven hundred thirty four of course, he didn't get the plate though. I think it was twenty seven when he finally brought him up seven. You're right. Yeah. Let's say anybody that's on the current dodgers. That are on this list. I don't really see any. I'll bet -solutely not. The most recent name on this list is. Adrian Gonzalez or hundred and forty eight. They haven't really had great hitters the. Like the Braves has. Years ago. They move around like chess. The dodgers were more more on pitching team more of a pitching oriented. You did pretty good. You've got four hundred five run. All right. Joy the Super Bowl. I will you take care. We'll talk to you later. You too. Bye bye. Let's go to JJ Lincoln park JJ. Good afternoon. Cameron dodgers my favorite dodgers back in the day was Willie Davis. The center fielder. What could he one heck of a baseball player and a great defended defender, and he could run like like the whizz going to win. I remember. So I had him on my strategy Matic team towards the end of his career. But. He always did..

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