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Five. I just wanna pay off my tax. I wanna give myself a little bit of room. Also. Yeah. Man, it so yeah, was a you've been you've been to anybody's wedding lately person. Yeah. Did you do you know Theresa's -ficiating wins? Now do. Yeah. Yeah. Man. It just kinda got weird. Like, Jillian, Jill got married. My brother. Yeah. So he got married and they were like, oh, we can have Reese officiated the wedding. She got ordained. She's like, a I think the whatever the legal standard you need to officiate a wedding that component of it. Gotcha. And so Dan herp his friend got married, and they were trying to find somebody. And it was like, you know, we should just use your Reese to cherise charge. So she didn't charge. The I two people. So realize hustle? This is my moment. Didn't tell us the first two people, but everybody else will be talked. Yeah. You can't just be. You can't be taking time of the day to just officiate, motherfuckers. Man. You gotta get paid for this works for the government. And they right now fuck shit, these motherfucking ways. Yeah. Here's my quest to what are the parameters for officiate. Meaning what do you absolutely have to say as the official? Yes. A make the wedding legit. So to legitimise a wedding do really unique like a fucking notary the words don't mean anything. Yeah. So you as an official you could really go up to that data that that did my father that my by. Flat tax. This counts. You. And sex and kids and house most likely, divorced. It what it is. I stamp. At the courthouse. Oh is this came up with a new brand? What's that gibberish woods of shit? Bris weddings, by Hannibal Burke's. I become what I get get official, and you hire me for your wedding and and outcome throat as it is that that that that and. That that that keys Ryan base. Thousand. DJ to for five ten. That's all I want. Party Hannibal might stay couple pitchers. But. Jada restaurant. All right. Well, you're going to hit these bars before we oh. Oh. Brain ready. All right. Does anybody on sat out? Nahmad gis. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you as a family member. But a fan. Yeah. You know what? Compartmentalize it 'cause if y'all wack I'll be like, but I'm consumer. Because you were you were you are not trying to do it for as you're like, I can't come on, man. It's all good. You know as a person that listen to every single episode except for the newer ones. I hadn't gotten to him yet. Yeah. Like oh. It will be dote to be on the podcasts of show that I'm a fan of now. Thanks. So I took it like that. And then that made adult because just me doing Greg lives like, nah. And they right. I hear yourself on favorite show. Cousin and best friend Percy Wilson, everybody. I would not in front of a crowd. I'll clap. Still on that sleep in it. Got a double up did not go to sleep. Sleep sleep it with those. Turn off to hit yet.

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