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County, Georgia a police officer was shot and killed while answering a call about a suspicious vehicle Saturday afternoon officer Antoin Tony adjust turned thirty and was a two year veteran of the department. Well, the suspicious car sped away crashed and as many as four people fled. No suspect is in custody. Police are talking to several persons of interest. I'm Evan Haning. I'm susanna. Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters the steady pace of US economic growth. Supported in part by monetary policy is consistent with the central banks plan to continue gradually raising interest rates. So says Raffaelle Bostick president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He was speaking during a community conversation at the bank's headquarters today. Even after recent increases, the Fed's key overnight lending rate is set at a rate of two to two and a quarter percent. That's still below the two and a half to three percent range that the fed considers neutral Bostick said there are still a couple of more moves left with technology. Stocks suffering their worst month, relative to the broader market in more than a year. Goldman Sachs has some advice for bears. Make sure you're selling for the right reason elevated valuations and crowded positioning have been blamed for the lack of leadership of the market's biggest industry along with everything else from rising bond yields to corporate earnings Goldman strategists. So led by David kosten, say the truth is. And software makers are cheaper than they've been historically people from across the UK gathered today in London to take part in. What may be the biggest public protests over Brexit since the referendum in two thousand sixteen. The March was called by people's vote. A group that's campaigning for the public to have a say on the final Brexit deal. So that the ruling conservative government can't force it through parliament money managers are ready to go bargain-hunting after this month a US corporate bond route Bloomberg's Greg Jarrett reports they're focusing on longer term investment grade. Securities market that has swelled in size since the financial crisis and has been hit hard Bisher amid inflation fears corporate bonds maturing and ten or more years now down by about seven point five percent for the year more than twice the decline for the broader company debt market global news, twenty four hours a day on air and it ticked up on Twitter. Powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. I'm Barry ritholtz. You're.

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