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A crash on the expressway North bound it granted. Aven Milton. It's backed up there and then ahead of that a bit slow. Burn upon tick on the North bound side. South bounds Busy but moving. No big delays There crash in Plymouth on Route three south at the clock road on ramp, so they're clearing that they're doing some roadwork in Hopkinton on 4 95 south bound At West Main Street, so that is slow there and delayed three are mirth on Route six. Eastbound doing some roadwork by Willow Street. So you are delayed. The pike is looking pretty good from Boston to 1, 28 and back. No big delays on 1 28 little bit slow on the north about side by two way in Lexington reported a break down their Route three is fine towards New Hampshire between Burlington and National 20 Fours wide open. From Randolph Down to fall River. Your okay on 93 end on 95 towards New Hampshire. 95 towards Rhode Island is wide open for now as well. No big delays on roads two and nine. So it's looking good, and this report is sponsored. By Allstate. If you're driving less, you could be saving more on car insurance with paper mile insurance from Allstate. You pay for the miles. You drive and you save on the miles. You don't So call a local Allstate agent and get a quote now from all state. Here's your Jill on money. Question of the day. Bart from California, asks Once a year, my financial planner, calculate our required minimum distribution and cashes out enough for us to live on for the entire following year. He puts that.

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