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Staff led by luke fickle and that is true also so just you know in early name maybe to keep an eye on. That was from sam forty on the radio show. I can tell you that. They like sam cosmi and they liked brown a lot and i think they have high hopes for john bates in shock. Tony well but we'll see It's minicamp that's that's that's the update on many camp. Do you have anything to add or do you wanna talk potato chips because that's what you were talking about before we started to record today. Well no. I don't have anything to add. It's very fervent you to pay attention To pick up the idea that you can read something into what these coaches say in these useless press conferences that should be limited. You know We they're up no value example. I just gave you an example. Of what was i mean. I think you're right. I think you're absolutely right. I think it's very observant. I'm trying to give you a compliment. I thought you were being sarcastic. Knows uses for them as useless press conferences. I would referring to what the critics say about these kinds of things and they. They consider them useless. Okay but no. I think you're right. I mean Their value are you know. I mean you're reading tea leaves. And what the coaches think And you know. I mean the fact that they didn't have these last year. And you do have a new quarterback who's probably gonna be your starting quarterback they do have some value. Yeah definitely of course you know offensively. We always hear about you. Know the getting in sync passing. Passing game is always huge. This time of year. It's one of the reasons the really good teams in preseason games. We didn't have last year. In preseason games you will see some of these really good offensive football teams. Throw the ball. Pretty much exclusively. There have been some preseason games in recent years were russell. Wilson has had like twenty five pass attempts in a half half or aaron rodgers eighteen and a sixteen and a quarter. They're not even trying to run the football. They don't care about running the football. They want quarterback and pass catchers to get into a rhythm in know sort of live action We haven't seen necessarily that here but we also know what the results have been here. You know Somebody pointed out to me Last night that these mini camps With jay gruden that there were three or four years in a row or maybe it was three years out of four where he just canceled. The last day of minicamp any said up. that's enough. I gave him the last day off. And i'm sure it was because jay had a really good golf offer. somewhere I don't think that ron rivera will do that. Rivera gave them the three ot ta days off and they and they moved minicamp up to this week. But let me get to something that I want your opinion on. And i'll share mine after i get yours on you. I think believed that when they signed ryan fitzpatrick that it was not a foregone conclusion that he would be the start or do i have that right or not. Yeah but now. I am leaning more towards him eating disorder at the start of season. Only because i think the quarterback that ron rivera wants to play kyle and it can't be counted on yet. 'cause we he's not recovered. That's why you think fitzpatrick's gonna start because kyle allen is healthy enough to go. Yeah really okay so You know a lot of people believe that as we know that taylor heineke should be given the opportunity by the way when i went back to look at my notes about chase young i did say you gotta bring taylor heineke back you know. I don't know if he's the guy or is input. She got sign him and have him the row in the mix. If you don't trade for matt stafford by the way that was my first thought when the season ended last year. I think i had that thought. Before was they gotta make a run at matt stafford anyway. They're the reason i bring it up. Is kensington peasy. The quarterbacks coach a lot of the assistant coaches yesterday weighed in on a lot of their players And camp easy was very complimentary of taylor heineke the biggest concern they have is taylor heineke health. He hasn't been able to stay. Stay healthy apparently is put on fifteen town. Fifteen pounds of muscle He loves everything about heineke. He loves that he pushes the ball downfield that. He's a real gamer. That he's a leader that he's the word he's got. Great work ethic prepares. All you know all of that but that you know health is the concern. So i'm curious as to whether or not you think. And you think kyle in the answer would be definite to guest to kyle allen. Do you think that ron rivera and then the offensive coaches scott. Turner kenzi mp z. Have any intention of having a legitimate quarterback competition this summer legitimate like they're sitting around and they have been off season after signing ryan fitzpatrick and they are in the mode of. Let the best man win. Do you think that's their mindset or that it's already a given that ryan fitzpatrick's going to be a starter. Well again with the with the kyle. Allen injury asterisk no. I don't think there's going to be a competition. tile and be ready.

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