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Go to a next question over can you give us a few examples of companies all social initiatives, that are really successfully using innovation base strategies to maximize. Again. Yeah. There are few social enterprises full, because I think what they do is, is really interesting. And probably a hedge myself again, by saying, you know, these organizations mental everyone's definition of a social enterprise. But nonetheless, the very end of groups so firstly I was lucky enough to be in New York. One of several potties, for the UN's fishy campaign, which is about basically engaging in the campaign gender equality. The person that campaign is taking on the issue of gender. Equality is just amazing. It's Fanta light of both engagement in women's issues, but without making them feel like monsters, having previously been ignorant. And that's the sort of thing that is. Solely missing in, in today's heavily polarized environment. So the what it was is really good. Also, the work of the circular experiment, which I think, is now cold Kara. One of the professors, I studied within the US. Focused on the decoupling overuse, ownership, which is really fanciful way of, of what we now, think of as the circular economy and the sharing economy, which think about it. And just, you know, these organizations that. A working to reevaluate the Wayne, which we as a society think about how I guess, more importantly, what Lincoln Ford to share and the last one, I'll give a shadow to is really cute is cold woods with hot. It's a social enterprise. It sells recycled stationery and gives a proceeds to help fund education for women. When you go to the website, look at the stuff they do. They have very evolved from the standing of design and branding, never be undervalued in something, like a social enterprise. And this is something wonderful about this logical semi. Relationship between stationary education that I find very appealing. So. The fantastic thing so much those examples to finish off. Could you please show three great design social innovation books? They would recommend childlessness three. Oh my God. I can't chew. Sing is how great deal of affective altruism. I'll start by recommending William mccaskill book. He's a social philosopher, sorry, Scottish. It's called doing good better really gets into the sort of nitty gritty details behind the philosophy but it's really pointingly version. And it sort of makes you feel excited about doing better and not so much guilty about not doing enough, which is really good media read it spokes little fifty. That'll that'll do that. The second book on the list up is going to sort of challenge to over designers out there going back to what I was saying about the differences between design thinking and design strategy. And here's six of design thinking uses that designs drenching takes a level Deepa. Just context books books called the body in pain by lane scary. Pretty relatively old book, nineteen ninety five design thinkers, designed, shall we say, we'll be very familiar with the use of the term pain points took every design simple, always to about this customers pain points, and it's normally dislike the fustrations that, like the customer has they'll do sort of the observation of situation with the customer, like all dot was fustrating. That's the pain point will solve that. But that's as deep as thinking in that area goes and this book is arguably with the concept of pain points rich nights from, it's really a philosophical deconstruction the way, which affects the human body, and the lost chapter is particularly important. It's about the way which we as designers make objects that are about the alleviate. Pain, and that we will have an ethical responsibility to be the sort of people who make determinations about. What shouldn't should not be the forms of pain? We in society mean to experience in order to survive that he was full camera took it was. He's actually in is now back here to the university, Sydney. Fantastic. Ship refers to city was towing that now when we think about pain points pain, design mandates, the most common way, think about is like those mugs sometimes and ring at the bottom put an upside down in the dishwasher, and it comes out as little bit of what a sting of tops, when you flip upside down and put it back in the cupboard splash, a little bit of water and a design thing of looking at, like that's a pain point. That's a frustration. I gotta go solve that designers will will solve everything for we'll make ever going to live in castles and clouds in the sky. But as Ed, this is I think that, that differently using some of that reading that book where you've got to treat the designing products customers parent with child. A child will cry all the time, but us it's the parents -bility snatching to be the, you know, to be the wanna be saying, look at this moment, this thing, that's holding you experienced that is it's gonna make you less feeble this week. So, yeah, this is always money to the maid of that in designing every little issue that sane. But desires me, whether that it is much more good that can be done in countries to society by being conscious of those souls of those sorts of ideas. So seeing as how I gave you that book even more challenging book. Hold the society of the spectacle, which is real critical theory written by a situation, est coke guide to board is book was very prominent in the currency. Paris Ryan's nine hundred sixty nine student more of many student revolutions happens in the happening. France, essentially, outlines the way which people have devolved for focus on being experiencing being is experiencing living life into having. It was the second element, which is materialism consumerism and the third one is appearing and given the book was written in nineteen sixty seven it's sort of prescience is copy out stated in the way that outlined, the sort of social media, Instagram photo narcissistic generation that we now living with everything is batch appearing as if I living Banak living. And I think as a design, it could be more important than on this day ways which the work that we do contributes to that phenomenon. We should always be striving to do that makes people aware that they all have in and not just really helps pretend that they. Thank you so much. Thomas. Listening to impacts burn your find links to the initiatives people in raisers as mentioned in the podcast on impact spoon. The rogue please leave comments pelote and remember, we'll be publishing thrashes brations insights, buke create positive impact every week on the website, Facebook, page and Twitter..

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