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They're paying strict attention soon enough to stop reading about restricting visitors making sure that individuals that do come in I checked the temperature checks or surveys they're doing social distancing the expansive cleaning I do think there are some places that are having bad experiences but you know that's happening all across our country all across the world all across the economy in general you know the communities are performing yeah the way above that monthly I think so it you know our our older loved ones they really do need us how can we connect with them when they're locked down and were locked down well we need other communities have always had some forms of technology and they're getting better at that so you know the extent no you're based in Bensalem PA going out of their loved ones are in the community and let's say Arizona the communities involved in our training up and and training the residents as much as possible on feeding stuff like zoom and I gad and and all the technology that you are getting much much better that is and in cases where you're located in the same community but they're not going to visit we have a new thing called window visions well you know you can let alone through the window it's not optimal but given what's going on the right thing to be doing so how do we make sure you know we might have so we might be in a situation in there I'm sure there are people who can who can definitely relate to this where they think that they need to get some extra care for the senior who is in their life for their mom or dad or for their grandparents and they're worried about putting them in a place where they could be exposed to so how do you as a care giver make sure that safety is top of mind for the people that are gonna be caring for your loved one what what let's just start by saying every single senior citizens situation and so you know nothing applies to all of them but you know as as the care giver you know for for for for the caregiver possibly a very stressful decision the staff about because we do it so your time in our lives thankfully and because we typically not that educated on this part because we don't do it so there are some great resources you know Karen dot com being one.

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