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Supplemental spending Bill Mike Mohan humble news service a recent. AARP survey of one thousand registered Wisconsin Wisconsin voters found. Ninety percent approve of the tax credit idea. A judge in Raleigh has revoked permits that would have allowed coal lash to be dumped at mine sites. At Chatham and Lee counties say the permits were improperly issued Tarez Vic with the Blue Ridge Defense League calls the court ruling a win for public health. I think it's very significant. Not only for folks and Chatham in Lee County but for the rest of the state this is that local residents it's had expressed concerns that coal ash pollutants that include arsenic lead and radium would contaminate local crowd water. Finally the road less rule protect civil all sixty million acres of national forest road construction and logging but address US tells us the trump administration is looking for a big exemption. The administration asked the Forest Service to create an exemption that would allow logging in protected. Parts of the Tonga's national forests in Alaska one of the largest intact temperate rainforest left left in the world in Pennsylvania. Jim Furnish former deputy chief of the US Forest Service notes. The road less rule also protects twenty five thousand acres of the allegheny national national forests from logging. I think if people look at what value they allegany hasn't Pennsylvania as being a place that's been set aside for future generations for posterity it's great lesson. Supporters of the exemption claim that would allow timber harvest road. Construction enrolled Louis area management decisions to be made by local officials on a case by case basis tribal governmental business and recreation groups have filed comments opposing exemptions from the road of this rule I might Clifford public news service. We are member endlessly. You supported ever online at public service DOT. Org.

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