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Is accepted into this family who care for her and she she finds the someone who really genuine he loves her and sees her for who she is and i just find it to be a just such a beautiful story and a and a very life affirming story to adhere would all sealed good people that often in movies george talent and that's the thing you know it's about good honest hardworking people it just accepting someone who happened to be a movie star and and the humanity of the story really gets to me you've described it as a memory play which is a phrase that i always immediately associated with the glass menagerie in certain others in this case i guess the goal that you all had i think was to make it feel like jamie and a net are almost any gloria graham movie right the whole feel of it the source and feel like every other movie that you see now right and that's the brilliance of palme guegan when he read script which matt rain halted retina beuc done a beautiful job on an an and poll came in and talk to us and he and that's the way he described he said you know i want visually i want this film to feel as if it is a film that was made in glorious time and we used all kind of very oldfashioned techniques back projection in fact we we've made the guinness book of records for the largest back project screamed it's for the malibu the obscene and you know so visually he wanted it to have that feel and and it does send and it captures that the inuits a brilliant about the way he he's done it and also the beautiful cinematographer it will a ponta costs on the way she shot it is that you know you go from time period to time period and it is it is about memory and memory and time and place and gloria is in that sort of time.

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