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Inside of that there are regular breaks that i take to allow myself to decompress to go on walks to you know to to get my mind off of whatever i'm working on so i can be more productive when when i am at the office so i don't if you have employees and your business allows for it that's something you might think about. I would also say that if your capacity for for productive work will depend significantly upon the meaningfulness of the work. That you're doing if you can't if you if you don't feel like like if you're having talk yourself into the idea that whatever you're doing matters then on a physiological level you're going to you're going to have a lower tolerance for for like But like a lot of output to task and we live in an era now where we have the luxury to to decide what we're to to to determine what is meaningful and what we're gonna do but in some ways that can almost be a curse because if you're living right on the edge of of like complete and total chaos like like approaching nature taking over you then every single thing that you do is related to like an existential threat to yourself. Don't we've gotten to the point where we've made our where our life is so comfy. We have technologist so much of our lives to where we don't actually have to deal with any sort of existential threats. Generally speaking so that phenomenon itself is almost becoming is actually becoming an existential threat this whole meaning crisis that that people talk about where people are like i. My life is too good. it's too easy. it's too cushy. i'm. I'm doing something that doesn't matter just because you're i have to have a job and i have to make some money but the whatever the work i'm doing it like it doesn't have any if i dislike. Rollover died in bed and never showed up for work. They would just replace made plug. Another cog in there and they'd keep on going without me. Everything that i'm doing is is just is irrelevant like that. That sentiment is becoming is running rampant through society. And i think that if you're feeling that way if you're if you're sensing that that that's going to affect your ability to be productive because you're not going to be you don't have that that from down inside you that really motivate you drives you and keeps you pushing forward and and like i said on a physiological level. That's going to. That's that's gonna kill you that will ultimately kill you so if you're someone who's in that situation i just realized that doesn't have to be that way and you. Can you have the luxury to escape. The curse that is Having too easy of life you know from relative to the rest of humanity you. You have the luxury to go. Choose to do something that's actually meaningful that that actually moves the needle for you and that's part of what the network is for is for people who are searching for that or who are or even who have found it to share that with other people into to lift each other up kind of to collectively humans humans. I tweeted this. This weekend said that humans are herd animals. I did that deliberately. Because at first i thought another pack animal but then i was like no the majority of their their their their both their hurt animal in a pack animal but they function herds primarily. Most people just put their head down beijing graze and they just follow whatever. The rest of the hurt is going to do. So if you have a heard or if are actually should say it. This way. if the heard that you're you are around is is not taking you somewhere meaningful than put yourself into a different heard. You can put yourself into a heard that will function as a pack. That has a purpose that has a direction that has a motivation. And this is ultimately what what religions are derived from an himselves into her and going somewhere. Yeah isn't that there's an old saying that. Says you know you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with them and that's really what you're saying in a sense that listen if the people that you're surrounding yourself with aren't aren't aren't in aren't well. Let me. let me say this the people around you are not motivating you and inspiring you to be your best the best version of yourself. Then find some people who are now. That isn't to say that other people are responsible for your happiness because they're not but There are many times where we find ourselves in situations in with people who are like. Why do i hang out with these people. I don't like the. I don't like this. You know a married couples. Have this problem like why. Why do we hang. We don't. I don't like them. They're terrible why do we keep well. They keep inviting us over. Yeah but we don't like them. Let's stop going And you know. So that's the That's something that i think that we. Everybody deals within some former fashion. But i agree with you. I think that. I think that people are hungry for philosophy. They're hungry for religion of some kind because they they see their. They see the bulk of what they do. As as just a as just not not really meaningful. And that's not for everybody. There are lots of people who work day jobs and neb nine to five. They work for somebody else and they really love the work that they do i and For them i would just say i look. I hope the job is there by the for you when you when you retire. I hope the money is there I would just suggest that man. Maybe if you love what you do work for somebody else maybe you tried doing a little bit above for yourself and see if maybe you like that It's one of the reasons. I got into the industry. I'm in but Anyway let's let's read about our sponsor for today and then i want to talk a little bit about this cancel culture thing. I was listening to the To brett christner's podcast. He's a comedian. Really funny guy. And i want to tie this into stuff. We were talking about in the last episode. Before turning about millennials. And they're they're more civil nature that a lot of people look at that. that's not millennials. But let me read to you about our sponsors. I we got indochino a i just found out indochino sponsor my wedding. So i'm i one of our one of our very good friends marrying us in october and i wanted to buy him a suit and i I said and i thought while. Just get myself a new suit too because indochino has really really high quality suits that are affordable for anybody's budget. And you they are as good a quality as suits that cost a thousand two thousand dollars. They are absolutely gorgeous suits. You've heard me talk about them. On this show repeatedly well i started thinking to myself and i thought man i got pretty decent following and the guy who's marrying us has a massive online following. He's a famous in certain circles. And i said I said i sent email an email to the the advertising agency that manages indochino. And i said hey Do you think indochino would consider sponsoring our wedding. Because we'd like to get some new suits. And i would love to be able to show off the suits at our wedding and the gal responded back in email and she said She said i think that's a great idea. Let me pass it on to the client. I'll let you know literally five minutes later. They come back and they say we would love to sponsor here. Just go schedule your time. Go get fitted and be out there. I own i've purchased. I think three suits on my own. So it's not like. I just get the free ones that they give me. I purchased like three on my own. And they've.

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