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Great and where where you headed to next are you headed domestically or globally newfoundland newfoundland okay eastern canada northeastern canada he got a main and then you go northeast since never it before yet greenland you're going to get the newfoundland have you been there before no neurath interesting now i've got maybe some polar bears noon so once he good in newfoundland is that than old found lend meth us how it works that's how it works uh and for this podcast you can't find the podcast on facebook twitter instagram at about to review i really like your show thanks but if you want to tell people your good friend that a a if you want to leave review for the show it will be right on the first episode of the new month you those reviews on itunes and stitcher subscribe on okay seriously any podcast your apt that is out there even a pod being the fake one baht beat is totally uh except for soundcloud i still not on that of other get other thin confined be everywhere so for this episode for suits 62 i've been your host platt came john i land game steve thanks john from me and we will see next this is banded about your view production thank you to vexing media we provide audio editing services they're a graphic design website design and digital media company you can find them at their website vexing media dot com or on facebook and twitter address vexing media.

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