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One of the things that he has done consistently is take some of the draft assets that he's able to accumulate target a player or two and be aggressive in moving up to get a player that that he believes in or to try to fill a position that he thinks he really needs to fill and one of the scenarios that that I see as as possible for the giants would be if they're going to trade up. Let's say they get their offensive lineman early if they're going to trade up. I would look at wide receiver. Which as I said I think is a really underrated need with you. Know with the ages of tate with the injury history with with sterling shepherd I could easily see them trading back in a late in the first round to get a wide receiver in a couple of the names that I've heard will start with these two players and then maybe we'll talk about other guys. You would see as possible targets for a move like that. The two names that I keep hearing just in Jefferson of lsu and Denzel mims of Baylor. So why don't we start with with you talking about those two players? Yeah it's funny. Those are two of my favorite players in this class. And I think that they're very good ex- if they were going to The gentleman is going to trade up and try and you know parlay some of those assets for a player of impact. I think those who can deliver impact early on and develop into Really solid strong starters and really be maybe long-term being upgrade to what the giants have. I really think that they they can be an upgrade to what the giants have within two to three years. Maybe even immediately depending on how they're used I think let's start with Justin Jefferson who I really think is probably my favorite receiver in this class. He's a he's just a smart intuitive football player. He's he played a lot on the outside earlier in his career. And you can see the skills to be able to make the hard breaks. You're looking forward to to to run the timing perimeter routes he has various he. He's very skilled on the boundary in terms of being able to stay in in the boundary and be able to make plays at its edge He can take contact. He certainly has an array of skills being able to be press coverage. it may not be the his greatest strength as a player but he is skilled enough that he can win outside Big Hands you know. Vacuums the ball up very well and he's very good after the catch has excellent peripheral vision to be able to you know. Avoid Defenders has great timing in that respect especially in the middle of the field when there's multiple guys coming at you from different angles. So you know obviously you know. Jefferson can be very good perimeter player. But what we saw last year at Lsu was at one of his greatest strengths playing in the slot and Jefferson excels in the slot and for number of reasons. One is that he's very good at the option routes routes where he basically running against a linebacker or safety or nickel corner. Where you get the you get the option to go inside or outside or get a little bit deeper breakback short he on. He has a good feel with his quarterback of how to read the defense and be on the same page. He's a very patient receiver. So he can set up those defenders with the with the footwork that you need to be able to get off the line of scrimmage and be able to bait the defender and and time things in a manner where you're reading the field. He does at work very well. But then in addition to that he's an excellent blocker and that's an underrated aspect of wide receiver. Play especially if you're gonNA play on the inside and there's tape of him being able to handle. Sec caliber athletes at linebacker. Or safety where he can wall them off he punches well. He's ABLE TO SUSTAIN HIS HANDS. Even against larger defenders in the two hundred twenty five to two hundred forty pound range. So you're seeing you know you're not going to ask him to absolutely dominating pancake guys like that but he technically can hold his own and he's tough enough to be able to do the job where you know if a defender is not doesn't have his ears pinned back and he's really you know aggressive on the play early on. Jefferson's the type of player that can get the early advantage. And then keep the defender from being able to you. Know redirect or be able to you know regain his intensity to bail to his advantage. And so you know. Jefferson's very good as a blocker and then most of all because he's so good with the patient aspect of working with the quarterback. He's probably one of the best receivers in this class when the play breaks down and being able to find the open space whether it's in zone or it's one on one. He has a really good knack for efficiently. Making one move to be able to break into the open area and be able to create a nice target for quarterback when the quarterback has to break the pocket or the play goes off script. And so when you add all that together you get a A wonderfully versatile player who can has just enough speed that. If you need them to play split end you probably could get him. Get some work from him there but he can be a flanker easily in an offense especially because of his after the catch skills And then you have a dynamic player from the slot so he would be a guy that even if you know Sterling Shepard's able to be healthy again and and he's playing well. Jefferson can kind of spot play behind Sterling shepherd he can also play out. You know. Play the flanker Um role. He someone who to me reminds me of a combination of of traits that you would see from Keenan Allen and from DJ charge of Jacksonville. Jaguars where you've got that fields trees. He's a faster version of Keenan Allen In terms of an athlete He may not be as quick as Alan. But he's got that savviness about his game in terms of the technique the footwork understanding how to be patient. And so he's a terrific. He's a terrific player and he's one of my top five receivers than this very wise. Get a guy like him. Now Denzel mims is is an is an absolutely fun player. He's my number two receiver in class And I've had them pretty much that high for months so it's interesting that he's starting to get that kind of Pre draft affection that you're seeing from a lot of from a lot of analysts out there The Baylor product use six. Two two zero seven. He had an absolutely stellar combine in terms of the in terms of the metrics that he showed. But what's really impressive about him? You know the athletic parts of the icing on the cake. He's as great short area quickness strong acceleration and then terrific long speed but he developed throughout his career. You could literally. I have a video that I showed on my youtube channel. Mount Waldman's ours. Film room that I probably spend. I think I it's plenty of thirty forty minute. Long video where I show his development over three years and you start to see his development. As a row runner specially with press coverage Es Es a skilled press coverage receiver for the college game. He someone that understands That he's had to develop different types of foot work different types of hand usage how to combine them in different ways And then also learning how to read the defender and setup defenders as the game goes along and as a that's an a craft wide receiver play that often takes a couple of years and some receivers never really get it. That's why you get some guys who were really athletic. But they're kind a. They're kind of like a hammer in the offense they're just like a a a single dimensional tool because they can't release against different types of coverages That you need them to and you have to kind of scheme them to get open Mims is the type of guy that I think can develop into a primary player because of the fact that you can see him setting up defenders whether it's off man coverage or whether it's tight man coverage he shows a skill to be physical he shows skills to be able to avoid the first man he can work inside he has the he has the physicality to win coverage. You know win. Plays where it's tightly covered or to take kits and come down with the ball. He probably makes he an CD. Lan probably make some of the most impressive catches on targets. That are away from their frame that I've seen from anybody this year and and really they rank well enough in that area. That may be any year there. You know they're they would be on a list of maybe my top ten the top fifteen So you know guys who've made just impressive catches whether it's low and away whether it's having to catch the catch the ball as well as wrap your arms around the defenders harm while he's got it reached into your body while you're you know kind of leaning low away High point catches being widowed. One Hand the ball where your ear momentum is heading one direction you have to turn your arm in the opposite direction of that momentum very skilled in that regard so highly gives you what Beckham used to be able to provide where you can take a target. That's catchable but not necessarily pinpoint accurate and kind of erase that lack of pinpoint accuracy with your athletic skill. Mims has that Jefferson can do a lot of that but it's not at the level of what mims provides So you know I would say that mims is also pretty good player after the catch Certainly he's A. He's a slightly better athlete than than Jefferson in the open field But maybe not quite as a aware and not quite as versatile. But if you're looking for a guide to be your split and your flanker he can probably do either of those rolled pretty well and you can interchange him in Slayton And then you can keep a guy like golden tate on the inside and have him in Sterling Shepard kind of rotate. Well as you know and you can kind of rotate. All of these guys in men's is really shown that he's at the he's ready to perform at his level of potential in his level. Potential is a you know a borderline proble type of wide receiver. I'd say both E. N. And Jefferson have that ceiling to their game But I think both can right away. I think both can be productive And can deliver what you probably got. Outta slate and last year. I think they can probably deliver that. But on a more consistent basis where you're not getting the absolute highs and and then the the you know the the valid lays that may be slate in God but again that also depends on quarterback play you know and and the health of the offensive line and the and the functionality. The offense but if all those things come together both those players are capable of consistent production..

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