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But you're missing the best part kissing. Yep Now is this what you're watching here? Joe Pretty Calm and the FBI world amongst colleagues Only only with our spouses. That is not common. That's by the way. Did you notice her her body language immediately? You had that head tilt and of course right head tilt means Green light kind of cut. I'm I'm I'm interested. I'm curious I'm curious I'm interested. Yeah Yeah we forgot that you you are a expert on body language is that is that true yes yeah been studying it for About forty years yeah. How does that affect your marriage? Do sometimes you say I can tell you're full of it to your wife. Well he'll tiny how to head tilt yeah arms arms folded. I can tell you're upset. Yeah the the your lips are compressed and the global la the little area between your eyes is furrowed so clean. Keep it clean. Sorry and So I know you're stressed and she'll say knock it off and And I will pliantly abide But you know it's it's funny you have to sometimes you have to turn it off at home because it when you can see everything it It can be annoying so you just have to pretend guessing things somebody stressed. You have to turn that part of your brain off. Yeah I understand that you had to go your ob to have your Gabella checked out. Yeah well wait wait. What about your filter them? Zadora fell trum. Yep is that What connects your teeth. Your mouth gums. No it's the little area just below the knows that And then connects to your upper lip trim. That's called the filled. Trim whence also an erogenous zone. Isn't it well? It could be but what what's interesting is during interviews when people are stressed how this hilarious sort of fills up with moisture so and you can tell that during interrogation. That helps you it. Yeah it just tells you well whatever. The questions I'm asking their stressed so the question is why God. So if you were into crime it pay to have all the S- The the sweat pours removed from your filter them that you could. Yeah or ever be caught yeah. An interrogation or Botox Botox gets rid of the the ability to sweat from there. Yeah poker players poker players get botox in their film. They get Botox and a lot of places because they give so much away with With their faces called the Tel at Tel de should I go back to that voice? Please that health. My Field Trim Filter Miss sopping wet. What was the first body part? You mentioned Joe the global. That was the first part beautiful name for a girl so joe tell me about Quantico and for for our listeners who don't know what Quantico is what can you explain that Jin yeah. Quantico is the the The famous Marine Corps Base. And they allowed us to on their property to build the FBI Academy and And that's where all agents ago I will tell you this and most people don't realize at Quantico the Dormitory doors never had a lock. And that's because the people were so honest that You didn't need locks and I have to say I've never been institution where you didn't have to lock your door. Did anyone while you were there. Get kicked out of Quantico. Sure is it isn't easy place. Yeah kicked out of Very much so very much just drinking a beer or staying out too late now. It was usually either because of physical fitness or they didn't do well in the In academics I'll because you're basically you're you're the dummies and the fans. Get The boot. Well I wouldn't put it that way as I mean we had. We had people that just could not for instance the The trigger cut cut. They couldn't do the trigger pull test. What's the what's the trigger bull test? It's you know how much strength you have in that That index finger to pull the trigger Consistently as though you were in a firefight and some people believe it or not could not pass that test jerry line. I'm going to put you through the trigger. Pull test every morning and if you don't pass it what are you serious just after find someone else. My God running told Ron has to be job related. I think it has to be job. Related okay all right well good to new And what did you guys do for fun at? Quantico of not really it was you know anybody Franks Oh yes can I lots of breaks can I? Can I tell you one?.

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