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Maria I WANNA ask you about chapter five time and Beijing A. You start the chapter with a very fun story regarding Kobe Bryant and the National Basketball Association and you connect it with the Chinese. Communist Party can you take our listeners and viewers through the story? I thought it was really attention grabbing its chapter five here boomtime in Beijing. Tells an important point. Well, we begin the chapter there with Jing. Ping Visiting one of the NBA Games and he was basically given the red carpet and you know Lebron James came down and shook his hand and then the mayor of Los Angeles came down and gave him a Jersey with his name on it and you know he was sort of the big deal in the stadium that day because the NBA had pretty much set up shop in China and they were incredible as you know. Basketball players, were you know a big news in America and the NBA was big news in China and the partnership was growing and growing and I think that was an important point to make because that was a moment in time where people believe that China was going to be the growth story of tomorrow and the NBA's here operating in China and rolling out the red carpet version pink and ignoring some of the real glaring. Situations that have occurred in Communist China, and as we take you through the next two chapters boomtime in Beijing in the next one is wide open or trying to tell a story of Yes for forty years we were the world was looking at China and thinking that each China would open up and be accessible for certainly the United States in the rest of the world and we had this assumption that when President Nixon I went to China that we would. Be Able to work side by side and have free trade and have real relations between the two countries and China would eventually see. Okay. Democracy is good and freedom works here, and maybe we'll move a little more to the middle. Unfortunately that is not what happened at all and it has in fact gone the opposite way whereas now China has become more ingrid than ever before and the Chinese. Communist. Party has become more aggressive than before so as you read through Chapter five and seeing Beijing and the Chinese business opportunities clearly, and that's the way global companies we're seeing it..

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