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Coming up in this episode of the fast. Molly Galbraith is back on the show to talk about the sexual harassment course for fitness professionals that she put together with their team or at girls gone strong. Before we get into the episode. I want to mention that I decided after we recorded to edit out a name that we brought up on the show which kinda spurred a lot of the discussion in our industry and also the need, for course like this. Not that we didn't already probably know that we needed something like this, but it definitely helped be a catalyst for that. Why think the allegations are are still reprehensible? They are allegations, and you know, just from a legal standpoint and to be honest for discussion of what we're going to talk about on this show, I don't think it necessarily requires the mentioning of that person's name. So if you hear a blank spot or some dead air, I second it's probably took out the name, but if you're in the fitness industry and he needs some context, you know a lot of. People have talked about this, so now apologised for that, not trying to be mysterious. But again, I think the discussion that we have is really important and I, it stands on its own without necessarily bringing that up, although we do still talk about kind of what brought this all on. So I hope you understand. But without further ado, let's get into very important discussion with Molly. Hello, welcome back to the fick asked. My name is Kevin Larrabee and we get a special episode for you today. It has been going through my Skype blogs. It's been about a year since we've had her back on the show, but from girls gone strong and now presenting all over the place and now are really, really important five day sexual harassment course that she just put together again with girls gone strong. We got Mallaig Albe back in the show my how are you. Kevin, I'm doing. Alright. Thank you so much revenue back. It's hard to believe. It's been a year. That's how it is is just, you know, the our lives are moving so fast lightning fast these days, and it's just great because you know, we can have these opportunities to jump here on Skype, and then you know, we're always talking through Email and stuff, but..

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