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The end of March. It was all part of a wildly successful campaign. They collected more than forty seven thousand. Tons of e waste the program wraps on March thirty first and the design of the Tokyo metals will be unveiled later this year. Australia's leading cybersecurity agencies investigating a breach of the country's federal parliamentary computing network amid speculation of hacking by a foreign nation. Lawmakers and staff camera have been made to change their passwords. A joint statement from house of representatives speaker Tony Smith and Senate president Scott Ryan says there's no evidence that data had been accessed in the breach. But investigations are continuing several security expert Fergus Hanson from the Australian strategic policy institute says it's likely a nation state was behind the incident. Although Australian officials have not blamed any country. Virginia's political mess. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam tells top staffers he will not resign amid the furor over a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page Richmond resident Darnall Carruthers says northern should stay. I don't believe in my heart that he is racist. Meanwhile, a second woman accuses Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax a sexual assault when they were both students at Duke University. Fairfax in a statement calls the accusation demonstrably false, I have never forced myself on anyone ever the city of Milwaukee holds a vigil for thirty five year old police officer, Matthew Ritter. He was shot and killed Wednesday while serving a search warrant city aldermen. Tony's Alinsky says Ritter was a hero enough. He didn't shoot tours of duty in Iraq. He comes back here and fights for our safety right in our own neighborhoods. Renters the third Milwaukee police officer to die in the line of duty in the past eight months..

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