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One local teams reaction to what the governor says about returning we'll do that next first traffic and weather together on the aids and here's John wolf let's start with that northbound southbound three sixty thing that you mentioned John north bound three sixty is still jammed up from riverside parkway back to post N. paddock but I would no longer go out of my way to avoid it just looks like a five to six minute delay to make if north found there southbound side that is the end out already since our last report so good news on that coming after Trinity Boulevard just stick with it in Rockwall great news that right lane has now opened as well so all lanes are open it has to unwind from Levi Crawford memorial but the problem is out of the lanes of traffic so the passages tripled in what's open now which is everything cliff south on thirty five east flow though coming into downtown to that road work in the left lane to get past Marcellus and then I'm not seeing any problems right now these forward northbound east loop eight twenty from John T. white at past Randall bill right lane roadworks slowing traffic Bedford north out of one twenty one from just north of one eighty three a past Harwood we have road work delays for worth these found thirty eight university two right lanes blocked off of that on going road work project and as traffic slow from before Montgomery and south of thirty five W. a little heavy from the two eighty seven to cater merged getting down past western center I'm John well thanks for coming up at twelve forty eight breaking traffic alerts when they well the KRLD weather center today we get up to around eighty seven degrees for a high but low humidity little bit breezy.

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