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Giving people that tax incentive to take low paid parttime told has made a huge difference and you can't do it as a rightofcenter osce and retain your opinion polish daniel do you find though in the numbers are and in numbers only say so much but do you find in the numbers that that that woman or that man who takes the parttime job is his making less than ten thousand when the point comes workeremployer says gosh i could use you fulltime but i'm going to bump your paycheck up from ten to fifteen or twenty twenty thousand pounds that at that point that person a does make that leap and says all right i'm going to leave welfare behind and i'll become self efficient is his that kind of transition and had quoted happened on and thorough the also to benefit put the children of the metal woman a growing up in a household whereas normal to work which was not the case of a great to play under the previous labor government we had a lot of work with household and we had prompted the compe we will work with a lifestyle choice they will into it wasn't a normal obligation and that really has been i mean the the the the old in unemployment rate since the government ecopa have been almost miraculous in the office drop in unemployment we've had there are now more people working in the uk than ever before in our history and i eight eight to it it's one of those really gratifying things loved when you're in politics than you see a theory working exactly the way it's supposed to you you you tweak the intend to the little bit reduced the welfare payment a little bit you to increase the tax incentive and people risk on it and and it it it they they've not so much did the saving money i mean if they've had a little bit of money with a little bit let out in in the but think o how that impact is being felt in people's lives and people communities that in a even jfk who had the best social program is a is a secure mean that the w the route out of poverty in every country hit cult to be could work plumbing i ask.

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