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Eight hundred seventy five feet. So I guess just different training. Ben on the altitude of the incident. I guess or. I don't know may be. Yeah. I don't know if they have to be trained differently at different Elta toots, or if it's just the training defined the scent buried in the snow. But he was found by rescue dog rescue. I know that's really cute. There was a note on the article that was like they we like the article like editors knows like we are not confirmed on the type of dog. From the Athol. Well, I'm clearly going even though it's France and not, you know, Switzerland. I'm still going to picture a mountain dog with the with the keg the casket actually specifically in the note. We're not sure if it's like a whatever of dog that is don't care. I'm still that's what I'm picturing. You. Should I believe ain't Bernard is out there? Yeah. I could see that. The odds of surviving for forty minutes buried under snow are really low the National Geographic reported that's disticts show that ninety percent of avalanche victims survive if dug out within fifteen minutes, then however the survival rate drops really fast. Yeah. After forty five minutes only twenty to thirty percent of victims are alive after two hours, very few people survive and during the fifteen to forty five minute period two-thirds of victims die of a fixation. Yep. During this period, the surrounding air either be exhausted or the. Victims respiration will condense and freeze slowly rendering the surrounding snow impermeable. Yeah. Which sounds awful? Yes. The boy did suffer a broken leg. But was transferred to a hospital where he was placed under observation. Oh, so much worse. Us so much worse. I'm sure also I mean, I didn't know about this. But this is a warning. Apparently, you really need to get the jackets had little like detection thing on it that will show if you're buried under an avalanche people will be able to find you. I don't know that was the thing. But that sounds really smart. Also, I have heard if you're an avalanche like swept up you're supposed to act like you're swimming or something try and stay on top of the snow as opposed going under. All sounds terrible. Well, I feel like you. I don't know. I will be able to think that clearly. I mean, I would just assume that I'm dead, but just mmediately. Trapped in the snow like, well, this is this is what life after looks like it's really white. Yeah. Exactly. White cold can't breathe. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be terrified. We're going to go on to our next story..

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