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R. six sports leader supported our football talked about but I'll answer the trivia question we give you Chad Serbia blast from the past he was the last giant to get both a win and an RBI in a game as a relief pitcher the question I asked as to the last giant to drive it chat last night reliever to drive in more than one run with a hidden again the answer Felix Rodriguez yeah that's the try to re use the the home run allowed stats PZ I know I'm Repin stab off old wounds back in two thousand in nineteen ninety nine when he was first out of the scene was for ninety seven ninety eighty was bowed cedar asset bubble choose dusty's guy in that anything I just would probably not bode she's guy says about you with the Padres back then June fifteenth nineteen ninety nine hit a double that scored Brent mainly catcher member Brent Mayne and JT snow that was the last chance really really attracted more than one guy with a hit me game Felix Rodriguez I let's talk a little forty niner football seventy nine win if you're keeping track at home about records and scores in the pre season I'll tell you what I had a little OJ complex what I'm watching the game get to the first quarter it's looking pretty good get into the second quarter like okay third quarter be honest I don't know most of these gaps in sat up slowly unknown half these guys are and how much of that attention you pay to that especially when you have long Korea I hidden bombs you had some Marcia winning ball games and San Francisco forty Niners will go Catholic township and not thrilled with how everything went down with the shocking news I think or the the alarming news for everybody comes during the broadcast on Saturday were is it starts trickling through the stadium down at Levi's it starts making waves on Twitter and that's a John legend ounces Trent Taylor who is has grown a reporter they believe with Jimmy to rob Lowe who this is a fantastic in practice and in training camp so far this season I sounds like he's gonna miss some time because they find he's got a micro fracture in his foot the winner on Friday put some screws in sounds to me like this is similar to I I mean I'm no doctor night sounds to me like this a similar type of surgery Madison Bumgarner add on his hand him a little hat a little bones in your hands and your feet the metacarpals in metatarsals one gets bumped or cracked or moved out of place I think it he'll funky and so they opted just go and have the surgery hello Shannon did give it injury update here is talking about he's injured wide receiver Trent Taylor how are you expecting to be on I or were hoping for week one not counting on it but open for week one off guard yeah definitely in him also you know this is having a hell of a camp and those disappointing to hear but fortunately Hey it's will be the year as and I think that's about four weeks from week one issues of four six week injury soul sale goes I would be surprised if he's there week one of the issue that this causes is he he throw a guy on IR and I and I don't think they will then he you're the short season he's not eligible to we take and that is to have a bye week in that span but I just don't see them doing that with Trent Taylor the other problem here is you get to decide which of these receivers are gonna hold on to I mean you figure a guy like Trenton was absolutely going to make the team and you're dealing with guys like de Los Santos gonna make the change I want her to make it I then you you're looking at other dudes Kendrick born you would hope makes it they're saying he's got some of the strongest hands on the team I dont to Paris to what I believe was in the game and and was only targeted one time looking for him to step up and make some plays but they were talking about these other young guys and of course the veteran Jordan Matthews out how do you make the decision on this receiving corps with the injuries around it and with the instability of being that you bring in a couple of young guys try to shake stuff up to try to help you out I thought people would pretty good especially on that that he had to catch it on the four targets the long forty five yard catch is fantastic and then J. one heard this guy's a bulldog you took that time slot as in a bowl over a bunch of people arbiter talk and strong as it is on the team or there's a jailer heard and and Kendrick born he's been a big target for them in the red zone at least throughout training camp how she managed to talking about different Taylor injury still saying he feels lucky that the caller is early as they did you play through this thing more it could end up being a bigger injury and then you're you're out for a bigger stretch of time throughout the season personally I think this thing is a gut punch you want to die with reporting cohesion with Jimmy Rapallo we see should be ready to go next week but they should have just following up the comments on trying to we're lucky we got it was just a stress fracture and usually when you go with that for a little bit and it's breaking a being a lot worse he's complain about a little pain and so we got the X. rays all of fracture in there and then you got to make the decision whether you just want to go with that and rescued told breaks we decided to do it now so could be more of a four to six week injury instead of a eight to ten weeks yeah so get out of the the catch in Holland and they do what they can and the hope you know I love this through and we hope he's back week one well yeah you hope everybody's healthy week one but this also plays to the web the reason why she answered last week I prefer to have no pre season games are rather eat at best he wants to but he says that rather of snow and then for you all want to get guys in and and get I take a look at guys who are trying to make the team and then you want to take a look at some of your vets and see if you guys can knock the dust off of the rust off I need to get going with a with regular season football if I'm to come within one element where I was fairly search sided but what if I was happy with an element of the game on Saturday forty Niners defense because you will get a look at some of these guys drink green law does an incredible story he was out there had a huge tackle for loss wrapped of six tackles in the game Marshall Harris factor was six tackles this other kid Aziz al share who signed as an undrafted free agent seems like he's gonna be a monster could make the team they've been doing a pretty good job I think defining these linebackers it's the defensive lineman they've had trouble with assorted fours bunker and now you're hoping on it both says another hit for them but the evaluation of at least the linebacking corps for the most part as far as I can see from our sit is been pretty darn good over the last couple years I see for maybe the Reuben foster draft pick Fred warranted one allies lease been pretty damn good I know of course you get very green law and manual mostly the same kind of course you will further back back there pointed DB but share I think is going to be a a good element for them this season could make the team as well I think that I'd be a I I'm not sure he slips through the practice squad these are like away for so we'll see how that plays out but as far as the defense goes you guitar various more back there who could end up being if if Jimmy words not able to go in rarely you see everything flies around like a missile out there are very is more I think he's done a great job playing free safety you get good reports from him that the speed is there he's played a little bit better but that P. I call the one of the in a game it's a little frustrating for people these are easily growing pains you go through but he may have passed Adrian Colbert on the on the depth chart Colbert's seems to me like a guy who you can beat into stuff that happened a lot last year thinking back to that that cardinal game the Christian Kirk play where he's the lone over the top safety and any bites on a diet really and then Christian Kirk beat some deep Josh Rosen front touchdowns get she did not feel good here's CNN talking about server is more the play of the passenger interference play the one that probably pissed him off the most put numbers more in general is in play pretty well from what I saw he looked it looked good I'm as some fine around us all make if you place and see the tape that that penalty at the end I thought was very unnecessary I mean just to give that she fifteen I'll see you on the tape of when I saw it and how to do that but you know we played a lot of guys and I we got we're listed a lot of starters so those guys on the back of human fairly early and got to play a lot more the specialist in colder in that game a way to keep those guys out there a little bit longer so it's always good to do as long as you get to a healthy home for a lot of tape to watch and says see with them tomorrow seven oh seven on the cash pretax line in regards to the offense of talking about the wide receiving course in a mansion with her and do a similar gonna be some bullies out there I'm on board with that and I'm I'm to be honest with you I'm excited to see what the running game is able to bring to people still talk about Jared McCann and I've got your computer at the very back to my mind this guy's not a factor to me almost whatsoever based on the success that I understand with the running game last year with Matt breeder Jeff Wilson where he Moster I imagine those guys are also factors you put that with Alex having Coleman who had eight hundred rushing yards last year averaged four point eight yards a carry you go back to his time with with tile in in Atlanta averaging four point four yards a carry first career this guy who fits in this offense and knows the team well or knows this system well I think the running game gonna be exceptional for them if you got does you can catch the ball out of the backfield can open a passing lanes for guys like J. winner diva Samuel I'm ninety five the caster day sciences are a patron Taylor's nighter career I think the question I have is who's going to step up and be the number one Dante penicillin slot in there on the depth chart but he's had an up and down training camp by all accounts that he's had good days he's got bad days and seven some rough ones I I different times you're so cal Shannon talking about we put him in the game so he's got one target did not catch a ball should hit on Dante Pattison why he played ons because I want to compete and we're trying to figure out or starting receivers are and I wanted to get it and the chance to get out there and we decided before the game that we were gonna sit marquees and while we were gonna center in Taylor turn it up get hurt so we had to do that anyways but on now everyone else away we one of the find out more about Dante's got a lot of room to grow you can still get a lot better and so can a lot of other guys yeah I like put him out there I like say name and you don't have a job guaranteed here another not gonna cut him he's a talented receiver but he's ease slight Anne's area of sort of a what what you the interview we did with mark Wheeler last week seems like a very nice guy I'm easy guy to talk to but I'm looking for a little aggressiveness I'm looking for a guy like de Boer J. wondered who appears to have a jailer does that F. you and when he's going to grab a football it's what Madison Bumgarner has when he's on the mound it's what it's with some of these these smaller linebackers have when they get into the backfield you want a guy.

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