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On stage. But that doesn't fit his vision for the performance. Some big names have been floating around for guest appearances like Ariana Grande a Drake in Travis Scott. Let's check your crash on the window five. In Lynwood. You're going to find a crash on the 105 west at Long Beach Boulevard is a two car smash up Love Plane's gonna be blocked. You're stopping a begins writer on the 7 10 Riverside, the trouble spot here on the 91 West before lost Sierra. It's the car pooling in the left lane that are blocked with a crash. Expect that to be crowded right around Van Buren Ko Phi in this guy sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff are wreck on the two. Yeah, well, look at rather dangerous situation. Now listen up. If you are north bound on the to the Glendale Freeway, and you were headed for the transition to the West, 1 34 were watching us out that better off from that transition is blocked. And I've been watching world points full speed coming up here, and I'm watching something with the thought of driving around the tow trucks. You can't do that disk a frail there, and now it's an incline. So be careful get its full speed approaching north two to the West 134. If you just keep going and go up to that Glen Oaks area around Holly, Drive there and get off that way, so not a big deal, So just be careful going through. Back to the 2 10. We were way out in Irwindale last time around. So from that 100.605 all the way into Glendale were changed instead of 1 34. It's a pretty good morning Dr injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bock, a F I and this guy If I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. There will be a familiar voice in the booth that Dodgers games this season Hall of Fame broadcaster Jaime Hadrian will return is the Spanish language voice of the poison flew for his 63rd season. Now his son has opted to retire for the past six seasons. Serena's partnered with his son, Jorge as the first.

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