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Larry elder dot com and click on the alliance defending freedom banner at the very top. Thank you so much in the article that I mentioned Colorado searched the right to renew attack on baker's Christianity. Referring to Jack Phillips that's up on larryelder dot com. Check that out. We were talking about President Trump praising general, Robert E Lee. But calling the persons who beat Robert E Lee, Ulysses grant, incredible. NBC news said that Trump called Robert L E incredible. When in fact, he didn't they issued a correction? And after Trump made his comment people on the left when absolutely stir crazy Charles Johnson who has a website called little green footballs. It says Trump Robert E Lee was a great general reality was a traitor. Someone named Shannon Coulter posted this PS which Dan for public service announcement PSA to any company considering donating two GOP and his candidates. It's leader just praised the pro slavery side, the civil war in the form of Robert E Lee advise if you give them a dime right now. I will work hard to associate your brand name was slavery for the next two years. David corny right for nation magazine. One of the most left wing magazines in the country seven thousand or Highland soldiers fighting for the union were killed during the civil war. Trump prays at Robert E Lee who led the troops that killed him and Trump's Ohio, supporters cheered. Now that's deplorable close quote..

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