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The bucks eighty nine seventy four seven twenty left fourth period janas already sitting with five thousand seventeen points al horford is twenty four new orleans at golden state coming up baseball yankees send garrett richards to the showers and less than two innings eight runs a lap four earned and the yankees leave l a eight nothing in the second aaron hicks three rb is being two royals lead the white sox four one in the six casey just five and twenty after eight nothing wiped out by the white sox in game one nationally finals cubs three brewers nothing arizona beat the nationals four three and ten dodgers fifteen san francisco six in the first of two in the draft mr irrelevant he gets a party for the washington redskins trey quinn a wide receiver from smu we'll see you in newport beach congratulations mr relevant draft is over that's from the nfl draft spn quarterbacks chosen include richmond's kyle the letter to the giants tennessee grabs luke falk of washington straight and the patriots the seventh round gets lsu's danny wing nhl game to vegas took game one tonight the sharks we biggest three two in the second on a goal by z z top hero rank burns the bruins beat tampa bay six two join us monday marty smith gonna join the show it's a marty party on a monday possible have weekend observations and we'll have the funniest thing from the sports weekend that's monday dan lebatardshow with needs to god's on espn radio.

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