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Chelsea Myers from Winter Park Florida. And I've been listening to the show for about two years. My side. Hustles called 'EM CATNAP and I sell a video tutorial series who are struggling with math questions covered on the medical college. Admission test also known as the question is. How do we figure out where my customers are cutting from? I have a couple of partners who also offer other impact services have a youtube channel. And I guess I can be discovered through search but I'm not sure what am I site. Traffic is coming from more importantly who's actually converting to a sale finally make about four or five sales a month so I don't get a lot of data from my website. Have a really good feedback from customers and I really want to put more effort into marketing. But I have no idea where to direct that any suggestions you have greatly appreciated. Thank thank you Chelsea. Thank you so much for asking one of those questions that is super important but not everyone thinks about it. Not everyone knows to ask it and I really believe this is something that a lot of our listeners should pay attention to. I heard you when you said you have only four to five sales a month coming from the website However I think I you know you may have already done this but for any further listeners. Be sure to install Google analytics tracking code on your website. All right it's free. It's not that hard. We will link it up the notes today Google analytics in most cases. You'll just copy a block of code that they give you and you either add it to every page on your site or depending on what platform you're using there might be A. You can add it. That will make it universal which is always nice and easy and they'll show you how to do this with lots of oriels you're just cutting and pasting and what this tracking code does is. It shows you the behavior of your website visitors. You can see the landing pages you can see what. They searched for her to come to your website. You can see the path that they took as they navigate throughout your website. You can set up conversion goals which will show you okay. Here's how he became a customer. It can be really complex. If you're into that kind of data analysis but even just like a simple version you can learn a lot okay so you should totally how this installed even if you don't know what to do with it yet even if your website is totally new because the whole point is there. It's going to be collecting this data. You can look at it a month from now three months from now whenever okay. I know some people have privacy concerns about Google which I do understand. There might be some alternatives to it. It's just the Google analytics system is the simplest. And if you're already using or google docs or google drive or any other Google services than they already have a lot of data anyway so I just find it the easiest thing to do if you have a hosted solution like squarespace or wicks or similar they may also provide some analytics so make sure you have any options for that turned on in your dashboard settings. Okay so that's the most important thing. Make sure you're tracking in some fashion is. We'll give you access to a wealth of information once you begin to get traffic now as for Chelsea. She's fortunate that she doesn't have a ton of website traffic. It sounds like does have customers. She's got at least five customers coming through the website and maybe some other customers in addition. I'm not sure so one thing you can also do is you can also just simply ask your customers. Ask those those buyers. Where did you hear about us? And it's a simple basic question reveals valuable intelligence. You can do this either in the checkout process when they're placing an order. You never want to make things complicated when someone is trying to buy something but it's a pretty basic question so it's not unusual to ask that where you can also ask it immediately afterwards and so if you don't have confidence in the tracking system you're using or if people are coming from lots of other sources not just typing something on Google or another search engine but they might be coming through word of mouth or social media et CETERA. Then that might be worth doing. And then as I alluded to one of the things that so important about this process is that not all traffic. Not all visitors are created equal at least in terms of their intent to purchase so an example Chelsea might learn that some search terms are much more lucrative in terms of bringing in those pay customers. So what does she do without Info? While this week we were talking in the classroom episode about finding time to work on your hustle. Because everyone's busy and there's so many different things that she could do so many things that you could do but with this information Chelsea or anyone else will then begin to target those search terms much more and I would say also abandoned any efforts toward the less valuable ones focused on where the customers are coming from. I doubt information is so vital. So definitely set up. Some tracking will also include a link to that in the school. Weekly recap email. That goes out every Sunday. You can subscribe to that for free on the site. I just want to make sure that you don't miss this. Because it is said vital. All right thank you again. Chelsea for that wonderful question. Good luck with those resources and listeners. If you've got a question of your own guess what just come out of school dot com slash questions as you can hear featuring throughout the year along with updates from other listeners as they launch projects lots of good stuff coming in really excited about all that we are building together So feel free to participate or just keep enjoying the series. Of course it goes out every day it is also free. You can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Chris Gilo and this is side..

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