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Sure interception and Sean Williams dropped the ball. It hit him between the numbers, and he drops it. For chard had gone about five yards further downfield. So Derek Carr, and his very very lucky. Well, for what it's worth Marcel eightman the receiver who's playing the same side is Jalen Chartres didn't get the check and Derek unwise ING throw a blindly. He's gotta make sure he's got at least contact with the eyes of the receiver before he throws the ball. Because as you mentioned who is almost picked off second five bucks identifies. The Mike linebacker snaps at the car hands to Rashard is in the backfield for a loss. Now. That's what's going to really work against the raiders. There's tandem blocking that time between recently signed Chaz green. And and don't call to Miller on the left hand side, Gino Atkins have made a play because he slipped between the two there were trying to have a tan of blood. That's what hurts you. The communication is not there because they haven't practiced enough together. This is going to be something about the work on. And of course, the two rookie tackles Colton Miller. Brian Parker it is third down. Down and six. Car is back in the gun becomes the rush? Fires right sideline. Jared book the handle and the raiders are forced upon it away shot Williams who dropped that. Certain interception. Had coverage aren't cook? That time and Ericsson trots onto the field. To return this towns and. Sean Williams at great covers that time Jerry cook really make it very difficult drope using a sideline as vantage really force Jerry to try to make come up with a clutch catch both hands on the ball. Towns away. It's a little bit of a short kick fielded advert twenty by Ericsson gives up a yard battles his way back to the left and got back out to about the twenty three yard line of the Bengals. That's a thirty eight yard punt and four yards on the return. So a week ago. Townsend pundit a little bit better than he has season. But that that was not one of his better ones. I think the talking to that that Gruden had them stuck in his head. A little bit of a regression that last one partner. Yeah. For sure Joe mixon. Now, we'll be the running back behind Jeff Driscoll this third consecutive start after the Bengals lost Andy Dalton and so we will take a break. You're listening to the NFL and complex media network..

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