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Any time. Honestly. So I guess I would say that the results of every election are a surprise in Wisconsin because It's always so close. It usually is close. But this time and now to the rice that has captured the attention of the nation tonight, it wasn't Judge Jill Kurowski won a 10 year term to the state's highest court, the liberal challenger one by 11 points 160,000 votes. How do you explain the results? I don't expect there's the easy answer. Well, I think that's a really good question. How did The liberal win. On April 7th. I have not seen a really good explanation for that. Honestly, What we do know is the liberal candidate did really well with vote by mail. Democrats adapted to the new system in just a few weeks. GOP was less nimble. It's also possible that some of the older folks who would tend to vote Republican and conservative decided not to vote. On April 7th because of the fear of coronavirus. It's possible they were disenfranchise, too. Tom shek, an investigative reporter at our partner, a PM reports looked into this other kind of disenfranchisement. Vote by mail ballots that were thrown out. He got ahold of public records of rejected ballots and started calling up individual voters. I guess I'm telling you this for the first time did you know that your ballots were rejected in 2018 and in spring? You know, no one called you? No one said anything not to tell you this Now it's first diver. Jim Moses in Salem Lakes, a small town in the southern corner of the state is a reliable Republican voter, but his absentee ballots have been rejected. Twice. What do you think about this? He pissed Can't you give me a reason why it was rejected? It looks like Thank you said your wife saw it was your witness. Correct? Yes. It looks like she didn't put her address, which I believe is probably your address on the envelope. So that was what the problem laws of that makes sense. You know, I suspected that and the reason being is because I received an absentee ballots in August and I read the directions and it kind of thought that maybe I did forget to do that..

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